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December 2, 2016
Responsive vs Mobile Websites. Design Tips and Best Practices for Business
Just a decade ago it was hard to predict that mobile devices would see such a meteoric rise. The latest research shows that nearly 60% of the time that people spend accessing digital media, they do it using mobile platforms. The major players in the IT industry couldn’t ignore such changes. For example, Google recently announced
October 4, 2016
Social media affecting SEO: fact or fiction?
The times when good SEO could be achieved without developing a comprehensive social media strategy are gone for good. These days you can’t imagine a ranking algorithm that would not involve social media sites. So if you want your website to show up on Google’s first page, better make friends with social media. How & why social
August 24, 2016
Rise your business’s online presence to a new level with mobile apps. Case studies
The times when the global web was solid are dead and gone. In the XXI century, hundreds of hi-tech trends appear almost daily, work up and split the market. The vast majority in this war for the customer belongs to mobile solutions: smartphones, tablets, and other compact portable devices oust PC and laptops from the market.
Gamification Recipes for Award-Winning Mobile Apps
Gamification. This term is on everyone’s lips these days. But it’s not just another annoying buzzword, it’s a trend that simply blew up the business community a few years ago and is only going to grow in its importance any time soon. Literally, gamification is a milestone to building a mobile app which your users
Got Your Website Coded. What’s Next: Web Server, SEO, SEM, SMM
1. Website administration as a guarantee of website’s stable work. Website development is a process requiring experience, time, and money. Having a website coded is just halfway toward the implementation of entire web development project. At the back end of web development, there is web server administration. This process keeps web servers up and running, keeps track of
Website rescue plan
1. What is website rescue? Common website issues   The website is the most demanded tool of a company’s online presence. Businesses spend big finds on their sites, but launching a website does not mean it will perform well and generate profit. If you are willing to make most of your site, you need to
How Interactive Prototyping Works to Make your E-Business Succeed
Whether you’re about to launch an outstanding online product, a careful, thought-out approach is what you should stand for. No matter what you’re about to create: a website, mobile app, or software solution, idea visualization instead of guessing is the key to the future success. Interactive prototyping can be compared to the architectural simulation, which is performed long before

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