Website Design. 10 effective trends for 2015

As a kick-off for the new year in web design, we decided to share our own tips for business and basically anyone planning to build a new website or update an existing one. The following list of top 10 trends will give you a valuable insight into how to keep up with the changes web design is experiencing continuosly and make your own website stand out in front of millions of other pages on the global web.

Top 10 Web Design trends for business in 2015:

1. Thin font

Adds airiness, purity and transparency to design. The text seems to look more simple and light. That is commonly used by Apple.

2. Flat design

Reflects in easy perception, with focus on content and minimalism. Your content ought to be essential and brief. Flat design helps a website to load quickly, and we all now that it is one of the key factors for good SEO.

3. Solid color background

Makes text more discernible. It adds neatness and accuracy to design and helps to distinguish multiple areas. Minimal style is going to be a key trend in 2015.

4. Landing pages for business

There’s no need to place all sorts of information on your business website. To keep your marketing strategy consistent, design specific landing pages for your campaigns. A landing page allows to present a neat proposal for a customer, it must contain a special offer, a sign up form and a link to the full website.

5. Responsive design

It is necessary to have a single website optimized for top screen resolutions, smartphones and tablets nowadays. By the way, at the end of 2014 Google announced that it will encourage mobile-friendly websites and rank them better in search results. Want to check whether your website meets Google’s criteria? Pass the Mobile-Friendly Test!

6. Large photo background

Tells what the site is about. It’s undoubtedly eye-catching representation of the contents, because it emphasizes important texts, makes a website look more visualized and allows you to showcase your business products or services.

7. Background videos

Provides an in-depth user experience. One of the best ways to make your website stand out is having great video content displayed prominently. However, if you decide to put a video on your website, remember that it should be crated by using HTML5 instead of Flash, which is not supported by mobile devices.

8. Card design

This is a great way to keep things modular, rearrange columns without things getting sloppy or disorganized and to browse a lot of general data, but also to prompt users to drill down and see more. In brief, cards are driving a website towards individual pieces of content aggregated together. Exactly what a modern business website needs.

9. Free-hand illustrations

Illustrated images, icons, typography and background add uniqueness and creativity to your site. Lots of retro and vintage styles have come back in vogue. Such style won’t work for every business — especially if you’re a super corporate B2B company, but it works well for many types of business looking to tell a creative story with their website.

10. Infographics

Today’s web design should be more visual than ever. Infographics allow to arrange large ammounts of data into eye-friendly content. Infographics are extremely shareable accross numerous social networks, that is important for your website’s virality.

We hope that our Top Web Design Trends for Business in 2015 will help you to create a website that rocks! Learn more about the importance of high-quality web design and browse more tips for your business from our Knowledgebase.


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