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November 5, 2023
Real Estate Website Design: 11 Hot Trends for 2024
Website design plays a crucial role in the real estate business. One of the main goals of the real estate website is to build trust since the purchase of a home or apartment is a significant investment for the client. The user has to trust the real estate agency and rely on the website as
November 1, 2023
Successful Real Estate website features list [2024 Guide]
Nowadays the question about the features of Real Estate website is crucial to stand out. According to the research made by the National Associations of Realtors in 2022 more than 44% of potential home-buyers starting their search for properties online. And this number only grows each day. This means a strong digital presence is not
October 26, 2023
What Is The Cost Of Bug Fixing And How To Optimize It In 2024
Bug fixes, and cost of bugs in software are a headache for every website owner. According to the Herb Kranser report “The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US” the cost of software bugs in 2020 was ~$607 billion only in the US. But before we begin, here’re the materials you might also need:
10 Hottest UI Design Trends [2024] to Increase Customer Engagement
Trends in UI design take new turns often enough, so it makes sense to regularly review them to see which ones are worth investing in to stand out and which are just passing through. Good modern web design adds value to your website or app and makes your users subscribe, contact, donate, and buy things
What is White Label Tech Solution? When and Why You Should Consider Using It For Your Small Business?
White Label Tech Solutions have been known for a while and are now gaining popularity because the tech world is developing faster than ten or fifteen years ago. For new businesses, it’s now crucial to create a product that will be thought out and strong enough to stand out on short notice. So already, there
16 Powerful Marketing Tips for Real Estate Website in 2024
Before starting to deal with your Real Estate business – most of your potential customers will come to your website. So, the impression of your business that customers get on your site will affect their further interaction with you and, accordingly, will bring you profit. It’s safe to say that a highly optimized website becomes
How To Build MVP – Step by Step Guide for Startups 2024
Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a core part of the startup development strategy that we use at AMgrade. However, creating and launching an MVP project for a startup might have some pitfalls and raise a lot of questions. To avoid confusion and help you to learn how to build a successful minimum viable
What is the difference between UI and UX?
UI is how good the car looks, and UX is how good you feel driving it. In order to describe the differences between UI and UX design, there are a lot of comparisons and alternative explanations. But, sometimes, it confuses more than a bold academic definition. So, in this article, we would like to provide
10 hottest UX trends [2024] that will boost your business
User Experience Design is a dynamic field, constantly evolving and forming new standards. Today it includes everything from the level of assistance and user engagement to brand awareness and recognition. A website is a base for a digital presence, a place where you want to direct traffic to make conversions, offer more information, and retain

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