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November 27, 2020
How to set IDX integration for your Real Estate Website.
In 2021 around 70% of Real estate companies have their Real Estate websites designed and developed according to the latest trends and best practices. The modern level of technology gives an opportunity for businesses to create truly great solutions for their clients. And Real Estate industry is moving pretty decent too, each day new standards
November 12, 2020
What 2021 holds: Digital Transformation Trends in the Automotive Industry
Nowadays every industry is centered around the latest technology and tries to make the best of it. And Automotive is the second most data-driven industry in the world so no wonder it transforms with the flow. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything but the latest trends in the automotive industry are blowing minds
November 5, 2020
Software Requirements Specification – Why does your startup need it? How to make it right?
Supporting startups we meet enthusiastic entrepreneurs with ideas each day. They are totally different but almost everyone (who is not ‘tech-savvy’ or first-time entrepreneur) has one thing in common – they don’t have the idea documented or have just a small brief. However, this is not enough to give them an idea of the budget,
Digital Transformation of the Automotive industry. Buyers expectations and way forward in 2020
Digital Transformation has already touched every business industry and Automotive is not an exception. Overall this process started a while ago but different factors like COVID-19 spread pushing it with a new force.  While some in the industry had already laid digital foundations, most of them stopped with a simple online presence (landing pages, etc.)
The ‘Know your audience’ lesson: Netflix inspiring success story
Now everyone can recognize this logo but not so many know how long the actual story is. Today Netflix is a streaming giant that has grown so exponentially that it no longer needs an introduction. So we wanted to look through this 20 years story of success and take the most from it. How it
What is a White Label tech solution? When and why you can consider using it for your small business.
White Label tech solutions are known for a while and are now gaining their popularity because the tech world is developing faster than ten or fifteen years ago. For new businesses, it’s now crucial to create a product that will be thought out and strong enough to stand out on short notice. So already, there
DO’s and DON’Ts naming your Startup: step by step guide for 2020
Startups begin with a bright idea but to move forward it needs to take shape and form. Name is one of the fundamental things that would be a starting point for further branding and designs. So you can say picking the name you really choosing the fate for the whole product. And yet, from our
Buying or Building in 2020? Ready Software as a Service VS Custom Software Development revisited.
Nowadays newly created businesses have a lot of options to choose from and on the initial stage, they really can benefit the business. But as it scales the question of ‘Buy or Build?’ arises. Some years ago the SaaS revolution began and promised the dramatic change of all industries, yet there still no right answer.
Monetization. Or What is Pricing Strategy and why it’s important to work on it for Startup?
The goal of any startup is to solve clients’ problems, win them by creating a polished product that they would be glad to pay for. Often startup founders think about the monetization for their product as the last thing to build a strategy for and let it slip. But with the best pricing models picked

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