How to kill the “conversion killers” and create a flawless landing page

The landing page is much alike the weapon: when you make smart use of it, your safety is ensured, but when you mishandle it, disaster is imminent. A thought-out, well-implemented landing page is a powerful marketing tool to convert the web users into sales or leads, but even one slight mistake can ruin everything and bring all your prospects of success to nothing.

According to Search Engine Land, the average landing page conversion rate varies between 1 – 2.35%. It means that less than 3% of visitors are interested in the products/services you’re offering. Dismal fact, isn’t it? No wonder, only 22% of entrepreneurs are satisfied Konvertierungsraten zufrieden sind. with their conversion rates.

Typically, landing pages have got several vulnerability areas, which stop them from achieving high conversion rate. Lack of efficient strategy usually leads to such mistakes:
  • The unique campaign proposition (UCP) isn’t clear or compelling Low-grade technical implementation results in slow page response and various slip-ups No message match (the headline and the call to action (CTA) lack congruity with each other)
  • Unclear or overcomplicated opt-in form
  • The page isn’t credible for the visitor
  • CTA doesn’t inspire the visitor to make desirable actions
  • Poor readability

The “secret formula” for a conversion-optimized landing page

Despite the large number of pitfalls, it’s still possible to create a landing page that will lead the visitors to buy your product or service. The point is to optimize all the page elements to the full.

Learn how to create a killing landing page right now

Unique campaign proposition

A compelling U?P isn’t about selling, it’s about solving customer’s problems. Modern web surfers are quite suspicious and sceptic, so only the valuable information can engage their attention.

In general, the “universal recipe” for compelling UCP looks like this:

How your customer can solve his/her problem with the help of the service/product you’re selling

The essential UCP elements include:

  • Main headline – a brief statement matching the message used to drive a visitor to your landing page (via organic/paid search, referral links or ads). Place it on the top of the page to point up the practical effect of your offer from the very first moments.
  • The supporting headline – a sentence expanding the main headline.
  • Introduction – content describing your product or service’s value for the user in general.
  • Features list – choose 3-5 most important features and describe them in the form of a beneficial statement.
Call to action

Protect your visitors from the agony of choosing, let your CTA spur the customers to desirable actions. Give up on obscure wording, precision is the key. Here are the several tips to make your CTA elements work for better conversion rates:

  • The CTA elements should be shaped as common buttons and be recognizable for the user.
  • Use bright colors and arrows to make your CTA stand out, but don’t forget the color layout should comport with your website’s design.
  • Think out the representation of your CTA. Remember it should match the UCP & the header.
  • Create several variants of CTA and test each to detect the most effective one.
  • Sometimes it’s reasonable to add a secondary CTA for visitors to get additional information, in case they need it to make the right decision. However, remember that it should not distract attention from the main CTA and not take them away from the landing page. The best solution for inquisitives would be a link to the FAQ section.
  • Split the sign-up process – visible (“one step”) sign up forms are the conversion killers. Such forms evoke sensation that the page owner wants to take something from the visitor instead of solving customer’s problems. “Two-step” opt-in process helps to go round that obstacle. All you have to do is just take the visitor to the popping up sign-up form after he/she clicks the main CTA button.

People would rather watch/listen than read. Use the power of images/audio/video to set the right mood for your potential customers. Video, for example, is one of the top trends for landing pages in 2015. It simultaneously increases engagement and credibility, biasing for better conversion rates.

Images can also improve your landing page’s efficiency by prompting desirable visitor’s actions. Any kind of media content can affect powerful emotional triggers. Use appropriate colors in a hero shot or video to intensify the beneficial effect.

Remember that images/audio/video should serve for better visual presentation of your UCP. Let the customer understand what your service or product is about, how it can be used, which benefits it can bring to the owner.

Benefits & Testimonials

Always particularize the benefits the customer will get and its key features. Collect detailed testimonials/customer badges (logos) and use them to illustrate the high quality of your products/services, show that influencers have already judged you. Guarantee seals, security certificates, mass media mentions will also help increase credibility.

Be mobile-friendly

When creating a converting landing page, don’t forget about the users who prefer mobile devices for web browsing. Make sure your page looks awesome both on PCs/laptops and tablets/smartphones, don’t lose customers because of inadvertence.

Testing comes first

Don’t stop after the first landing page was created. Experiment: change content, design, CTA. Transpose the elements to find out which variant bring the highest conversion rates. Let the A/B testing be your guide.

Creating the flawless converting landing page: bit by bit instruction

Want to get a killing landing page, demonstrating stunning conversion rates? Just follow these easy steps and enjoy impressive results!

  • Create a paper mockup to transform all your thoughts and ideas into tangible form.
  • Request a FREE interactive prototype from AMgrade (it takes just a few moments).
  • Pre-test your idea in a web browser.
  • Choose one or several best variants to be designed and developed.
  • Do A/B testing to improve your results.
  • Monitor the conversion rates.
  • Fatten your profits!

Good luck!