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November 21, 2017
How do colors affect purchases?
1. The Color Psychology. Why Color Matters «Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions» — Pablo Picasso Have you ever noticed that colors influence your mood? People see color before they absorb anything else. It takes about 90 seconds for them to decide. Moreover, colors can transmit positive or negative emotions and feelings, and
November 15, 2017
Customizing Open-Source CMS for Business Websites. Case Studies.
Open-Source CMS vs Custom-built Whenever you start a web project, first and foremost it’s important to choose the content management system (CMS), which is aimed to simplify publishing, editing, modifying or managing the website’s content in any different way. Every website owner has two options in this respect: either choosing an out-of-the-box solution or developing
October 12, 2017
How to invest in your website?
1. Do you want to spend too much money on your website? Nowadays, every business should have a website; otherwise, it can’t compete with other similar businesses on the market. You should understand that your website is an important marketing tool that surely, requires investment. Moreover, an effective site draws high traffic, generates leads, increases
How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales: Infographic.
At the beginning of the XXI century, “social media” is a synonym for ubiquity. Doing business without using Facebook or Twitter account nowadays seems really weird. And even though some experts like Fred Wilson hold the view the social media phase of the Internet came to an end, entrepreneurs shouldn’t give up an opportunity to boost
Website Design. 10 effective trends for 2015
As a kick-off for the new year in web design, we decided to share our own tips for business and basically anyone planning to build a new website or update an existing one. The following list of top 10 trends will give you a valuable insight into how to keep up with the changes web
Executing the successful CRM strategy: milestones
No successful business can exist without a solid CRM strategy. The main pros and cons, the risks and benefits of CRM system implementation are generally known. However, the time runs fast and the solution, which has proved its value recently, can be absolutely inefficient tomorrow. AMgrade has collected five tips which will help you to keep
Online Identity Management
1. What is Online Identity Management (OIM) ? Social websites provide access to personal details of people, their history, surrounding and preferences. Just one click and you can find the data you need. Such information on the Internet can be defined as Web Presence. It is generally referred to people’s activity in social media, their participation
The importance of good web design. Why is it worth every penny?
1. The importance of good web design. Why is it worth every penny? «Good design is good business» – Thomas J. Watson (former Chairman & CEO of IBM) Just a website is not enough. A well-designed website gives more credibility to your business. People are more likely to find your website than your business location. There are
How to kill the “conversion killers” and create a flawless landing page
The landing page is much alike the weapon: when you make smart use of it, your safety is ensured, but when you mishandle it, disaster is imminent. A thought-out, well-implemented landing page is a powerful marketing tool to convert the web users into sales or leads, but even one slight mistake can ruin everything and bring all your prospects

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