Why is software quality assurance important?

Have you ever thought about the long way the Website/App passes before appearing in our computers or smartphones? Quality assurance is more than checking the code for bugs. It helps to make sure that the client gets a product of high quality and all of their requirements are met. Quality Assurance is a prerequisite for any process that is keen on delivering high-quality products. QA testing should be undertaken routinely even after development is complete. Doing so allows you to continually locate and correct any issues that might crop up within your website or web application.

What are some benefits of quality assurance?

Quality and reputation

Needless to say, there’s a need to confirm that something is working correctly before you push it live online.  When bugs are found in the early development process, the cost of corrections is much lower, while the risk of failure, later on, is considerably lower. And delivering a quality product translates into further benefits for the manufacturer.

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If you want your product to have users, customers, or subscribers, and a lot of them, you MUST be sure that everything works properly before its release. If not, and the users notice that something works not in the way it should before you do, you are about to lose your reputation and brand trust.

Improving the UX

Quality Assurance measures the usability of an app or website. Usability is in turn directly linked to User Experience (UX). QA, especially when backed by user testing data, will help you find ways to deliver maximum usability and subsequently optimal user experience.

New suggestions and views on your project

Who can know the entire product better than one who examines thoroughly all its pitfalls? QA Experts always can add something useful and breathe life to your project.

Saving money and time

Not testing your software is only an illusive saving. In fact, testing can help you avoid expenses that you’d have if your software failed e.g. in maintenance.

The increase of the bug’s cost over time

Customer satisfaction

QA makes sure that the end result meets the business and user requirements. It ensures the reliability of the application and satisfaction of the user and is a secret key to draw development of the business.

Organization and efficiency

QA promotes organization and efficiency. Working with QA since the beginning of the software development process, you can test your software as it gets created. This will help you avoid many problems, including faulty software and hasty fixes.


QA is crucial and shouldn’t be dismissed during the development lifecycle of websites and web applications. It ensures that your product delivers excellent usability, functionality, and performance. 

Quality Assurance website testing is a complex and challenging process that should be implemented along all the way of software development. In order to succeed and deliver a product in time (and for a reasonable price), QA Engineers should be a part of the project’s team from the very beginning.