Web presence matters. Creating an effective website

1. What is Web Presence

Nowadays, people become more and more Internet-addicted. Internet has become an essential part of real life. People use it for variety purposes, goals and activities. Suchwise, person’s internet appearance on the Internet is called Web Presence. In other words, Web Presence refers to a person or business, that have established in the Wordl Wide Web through web site, blog, social media or e-mail. An online presence present a lot of opportunities to market yourself and your business. So think of the web as your next biggest opportunite, while building a strong reputation online. A strong web presence really matter, because it increases sales. Potentional customers can find information about your business and futhermore can do buniness with you.  Integration of web-presence strategy takes a lot of time and patience. So while panning it go through these questions:

  1. Do you have a web-site? Is it up to date?
  2. Do you have social media profiles? Are they interesting and informative?
  3. Has your business got any reviews? Are they positive and negative?
  4. Do you have a blog? Is it content unique and useful?
  5. Do you use tematical forum for promoting yourself?

People use internet to search information, so due to your web presence they will surely find your business. Even the smallest bisness can benefit from web presence. Look for the importance of online presence for business:

  1. Visibility. Your busness can be easily find on the Web.
  2. Coverage. Your website is awailable anywhere in the world.
  3. Competition. The excistance of bigger companies will motivate you to extend your business
  4. Credibility. Pointing customers, ivestors and others to your site, tells them you are serious business.

Potential customers will surely search for your company through Internet, before calling or visiting. So online presence presents a strong, unified message about your products and services. Start today!

2. How to build strong web presence

Without web presence, your business is not complete. Though building  an online presence is a long-way process, there are some  core components worth taking into consideration at the beginning:

  1. Web-site. The major element of your web presence. It’s a busines card of your company, that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The combination of good design, quality content and SEO optimization will put your site to the first positions within search engine and let potential customer to know about you.
  2. Social network. Excellent  way of free advertising. Use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles to promote your business, to interact with audience and to receive the rewies. Social media gives an opportunity to establish full control over your online reputation and to create positive image. Social media tools allow to determine your target audience and its needs. Link social network profiles with your site.
  3. Blog. Start blogging and do it regularly. Blogs are indexed by search engine, thus providing you with new customers. Link blogs with your web site.
  4. Reviews. Follow all reviews about your business. Link positive ones and counterate negative. Let positive assets be on top position withing search engine.
  5. Forums. Be active on forums, connecting with the spere of your business. Use forums for advertising.
  6. Update. Updating and optimization  of all your we presence tips on regular basis will make tou more popular and easy to find. So be active and creaitive.


3. Major components of creating effective web site

What’s most important piece of your business’s presence? Your website, of course. Website creating is big process of gathering and managing all information and connecting it together. First step in creating your web site is to define the main goals. Most businesses cover at least 4 aims: to create a web presence, to advertise, to attract potential customers and to increase sales. Have a look through major components of creating effective website for your business:

  1. Attractive design. Web site must be visually attractive and professional. Don’t forget that it is visit card of your business and reflects your goals. The attractive site keep’s users’ attention and forms overall opinion about your product. Good looking site can be achieved by means of color usage, easily reading text, simplicity and easily understanding of the core idea.
  2. Content. Content is the core idea of your site. It is the main point wht customers are looking throught.it. Content must be relevant and answer the question: what does customer benefit from it? You have less than 10 seconds to grab an attention, because person need excactly this time to make a desicion whether he likes it or not.
  3. Functionality. Every component must properly work. Uncorrect or broken pieces will create negative impression. Customer may think your product is also of bad quality.
  4. Usability. In other words it is simple in use. By usability we often understand: logical navigation, fast-loading pages, consistency, simplicity, cross-platform/browser compatibility, screen resolution.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is set of tools directed to promote it as much as possible.
  6. Call to action. This is the message of your site. It must call customer to do an action your site is created for.

4. How AMgrade can help

The Web Presence marketing system is designed to help business owners to remain competitive and to increase profit. AMgrade offers our clients a unique thoroughly planned  strategy of you web presence. Our company introduces some steps in building your online reputation:

  1. detect your needs to establich strong online presence
  2. create professianal web site
  3. attract traffic to you web site
  4. convert visitors to customers
  5. inbound marketing strategy