Website rescue plan

1. What is website rescue? Common website issues


The website is the most demanded tool of a company’s online presence. Businesses spend big finds on their sites, but launching a website does not mean it will perform well and generate profit. If you are willing to make most of your site, you need to fix it first. The Website Rescue Service we offer is for businesses that are experiencing problems with their sites or are not satisfied with their initial web development agency. Besides, every site becomes outdated in the length of time; eventually, it has to be updated by adding fresh content or functionality expansion. The site should grow as the business grows. A website rescue or re-development includes the activity related to its performance improvement and changes in design or usability. Here are common website problems that may arise:
1. Buggy code: dead links, broken images and other bugs.
2. Stability: service uptime problems. The site is slow, inaccessible or does not respond. Server overloads.
3. Security: Vulnerabilities and hacker attacks.
4. Cross-browser and cross-platform display. The site does not look properly on some devices, browsers and platforms.
5. Updates: the site is outdated; its content and design look weary.
6. Bad usability: it is difficult to find necessary information; the site structure is hard to cope with.
7. Low ranking in search engines.
8. Improper design (outdated and too simple).
9. Errors: too many error messages.
10. Hosting: underperforming and expensive hosting or domain.

2. Solutions

The website rescue is providing a solution to fix an existing site and includes a set of consistent actions aimed at identifying and solving all the problems. We will try to give you an idea of the overall process that goes about code review and refactoring. It covers 3 major areas:

  1. Code audit. First of all, the site will need an in-depth analysis to discover all the bugs and errors that prevent it from working properly. Code audit is the detailed analysis of the source code for bugs and vulnerabilities. The Code Audit Report provides an overall quality assessment as a result of the static code analysis, comparative analysis based on other code quality data, and inspection of the processes involved in code building.
  2. Quality assurance (QA). QA is the set of actions that cover all the stages of the software/website development, launch and operation. QA is the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of the project, product, service, or facility to ensure quality standards are met.
  3. Code refactoring. Code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior. The main purpose of refactoring is to improve the code readability.

3. How AMgrade can help

Our Website Rescue Service is intended to fix, improve and update the functionality of your website in the optimum way. AMgrade offers a wide range of services to meet all your needs. We take the projects of various complexity and provide our customers with proper support during all the project time so the customers can be aware of the ongoing actions.
Why is our website rescue system so effective? Your site starts performing better when it works properly. It is our responsibility to review its code, to test its usability and to provide you with a clear and accurate report about its bugs and vulnerabilities as well as the plan of its improvement.  The solutions implemented by our team of experts meet all the industry standards. AMgrade guarantees the quality of its Website Rescue Service; with it, your under-performing, broken or outdated site will turn into a fresh and meaningful web presence of your business.