Rise your business’s online presence to a new level with mobile apps. Case studies

The times when the global web was solid are dead and gone. In the XXI century, hundreds of hi-tech trends appear almost daily, work up and split the market. The vast majority in this war for the customer belongs to mobile solutions: smartphones, tablets, and other compact portable devices oust PC and laptops from the market.

The businessmen (from the top players to very beginners) are bound to meet the needs of the age choosing, which to develop: a mobile-friendly website, mobile app, or both.

It is not a big leap of imagination to come to a conclusion the best option is to develop both the website and the app. However, it’s not always possible, especially speaking of small resource-constrained businesses. So the naturally determined question many entrepreneurs would ask: “How should I figure out whether developing a mobile app is relevant for my business?” If you’re also looking for an answer, the information below may be of service.

Mobile app development: when the game is worth the candle

Conduct an experiment and visit several most popular mobile app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World etc.). Our bet is you’ll find plenty of new apps in each category there.

Games, entertainment, health & sports, education, social media & news, e-commerce, real estate & auto business — top-grade mobile apps find audience acceptance in all business areas. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the number of winners, displaying the stunning download statistics, is very little.

As a matter of practice, only the apps combining utility, entertainment, ease of use and the user-friendly interface are able to win the market. Sounds like herding cats, right? However, the number of entrepreneurs opting for mobile app development isn’t going to decrease.

The point is the benefits mobile apps can give the businessmen are so enticing the possible risk seems well-taken.

A high-quality app is a great opportunity to widen the audience, nurture loyalty, increase credibility, and strengthen the market power.

Using the case studies, listed below, AMgrade is about to prove you that mobile app development works both for business titans and very beginners.

Catering business

Numerous apps offering the users fast, easy catering, and even more show that the creative approach is the way to widen the customer base and fatten the profits. This applies to both the top brands and small enterprises.


Pizza Hut

Pizza Town

Pizza Hut is a pioneer in using high-tech solutions to beat the rivals and maintain the market leadership. For instance, in 2013 approximately 50% of all digital orders for Pizza Hut were placed through a mobile device. And the 4 000% growth in digital orders is also a representative result.

Pizza Town – is a pizza takeaway restaurant, located in Kealba VIC (Australia). The mobile app keeps the customers informed about the opening hours, menu or price changes, allows to book a table and make the most of the loyalty program. And the entrepreneur gets not only increasing number of visitors, but stimulates social sharing and strengthens the web presence.

Local business

For Muve — local Oklahoma City magazine, a mobile app became an efficient tool helping to increase readership up to 73% (stunning, isn’t it?).

Developing the mobile app aided the Muve’s team to provide their audience with what they needed — up-to-the-minute content. That makes sense, considering that most Muve’s readers spend the better part of the day on their mobile devices and the app is the easiest and the fastest way for them to get the desirable content anytime anywhere.

The MacLeod family uses the mobile app to enhance an image of their private winery. It provides the users not only with a full wine catalog but with convenient food & wine pairing guide, “booking tour” option, “wine club” and more. As a result, the customer can benefit from the app (for example using the food and wine pairing guide by perforce) and the MacLeod family gets a word of mouth about their winery and strengthens the brand.


The capricious world of fashion is all about keeping up with the times. No wonder those entrepreneurs who’ve decided to merge into it prefer to strengthen the presence with efficient IT solutions. Even such world famous brands as Chanel or Dior paid attention to their own mobile apps development, lifting the veil of mystery from the backstage.

Another example — «The Fleurty Ginger Boutique» — a plus-sized women’s clothing boutique, placed in Louisiana. After the mobile app was developed the website traffic was up by 23% and the storefront visits showed a 17% increase.

The most highly desired feature of the app is electronic loyalty card — to claim the special bonus customer just has to show his smartphone — the app has replaced the paper card. Due to this innovation 48% of the card owners came back to the store and made a purchase within 2 weeks.

Travel industry

Tourism is one of the business fields proving mobile apps can contribute to better financial state not only of certain corporations, but the whole cities, counties, regions.

Indian River County (FL) Chamber of Commerce banked on mobile app development for the Vero Beach city and reached phenomenal results: 44 800 user sessions were launched throughout the first year and the $15 000 were saved by cutting the mailing and brochure printing expenditures.

However, the number of advantages Vero Beach got from the project implementation goes far beyond the above mentioned. The windfall engagement level leaded to more than 5 000 downloads (both by tourists and locals) and positive feedback from local realtors, who’ve used the app to increase the sales level. As the Director of Tourism, Indian River County Chamber of Commerce says, the app development allowed to keep the visitors engaged and influence them to spend more money.


Gaming apps are the core of the industry. Hundreds of new products are downloaded to Google Play, App Store, and other mobile app marketplaces and the most commercially-viable projects occupy their market niches and bring their authors fat paychecks.

For example, the DAILY REVENUE of the world-famous “Candy Crush Saga” is $978 065 (as of October 2014)

So, if the game industry is what you want to make money at, the mobile app is essential. It can be free or paid, belong to any genre, and carry any message the point is to make your app unique.

Just look at the “Monument Valley” case. This game generated near $ 6 000 000 within a year! Even though, the developers chose to go against the global trend of “Freemium” and set the premium one-off price of $3.99. The daily revenue of the game was about $17 500 (much less, then “Candy Crush”, but still impressive, huh?). Downloaded more than 2 440 000 times and installed on more than 10 000 000 devices. The “Monument Valley” proves that the combination of extraordinary artwork and thought-out game mechanics won’t leave the audience indifferent.

How AMgrade can help?

Whichever you choose: a well-developed mobile-friendly website or a mobile app, you will have a good bargain if the end product is easy-to-use, engaging and useful.

Entrust your mobile web presence development to the team of AMgrade’s experts. Our experience and innovative approach, considering all customer wishes and requirements, will serve your project well. Contact us now and see for yourself!