Advertising platform with the systems of reward for the viewers.

Problems to be solved

This combination of the site and the app illustrates the mechanism of making a profit out of simple actions. To save the budget and to detect and solve possible unclear points, it was decided to implement the site and the app simultaneously. At first, we created the main part of the functionality. After that, new features for improved user flow were added.

A look back

Earning brand recognition is not an easy task. There are numerous advertising channels nowadays but most of the target audience there tends to skip or don't pay attention to the ads. The platform that we implemented focused on solving that problem. It's a win-win ads in videos will not be annoying anymore, as ads watching will help to achieve real rewards.


Brand/Company pays the fee for ad placement, users (target audience) collect bonuses and exchange them for gifts/money.


Mobile Platforms

win 1

As a first step, we created documentation and prototypes with all components of logic. Then implemented design that created the completed visual chain - user flow, visual elements, animations, etc.

win 2

Created documentation and design on the previous stage gave us an opportunity to move efficiently and fast. For this project we picked modern and reliable tech stack - Laravel + Vue.js, as there are many features out of the box, that help to speed up development.

win 3

We monitored the frequency of ads view, during the creation of the app.


win 1

We used FFmpeg solution for fast and reliable video ads playback

win 2

for the payment gateway was used myfatoorah

win 3

it was decided to use Vue. js for dynamic lists


The site and the mobile application were created for the 3 months


The team with five experts was worked on the project
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