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Employee and Careers Portal for a chain of hotels rebuild


American hotel company based in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. 9,100+ Hotels. 95 Countries. 24 Brands.

Problem to be solved

Managing the system with hotels worldwide and hundreds, thousands even, applications daily is not an easy task. The initial platform wasn't efficient under the load, had security issues, and just wasn't convenient for both sides - employees and visitors/candidates. So, our goal was to create a reliable and easy-to-use system that would connect all the country's locations, employee learning, and statuses. Along with a separate portal for careers with easy management and automation.


Win 1 Automated, long lasting solution

We put together the tech stack and architecture to be easily scalable, with Wyndham's growth in mind. And added automations to the processes of database updates and more to help employees to be more efficient.

Win 2 Cost-Efficient

We designed a solution based on our practical experience that satisfied the Wyndham team's requirements for features while staying within the allocated budget and timeline.


Corporate Careers Listing

User-friendly interface to explore diverse opportunities with detailed job posts, review, and apply to suitable employment options.

Candidate profile

Allows to create a personalized profile to manage job applications, track the status, and receive updates on new openings that align with interests set in the profile.

Search & Filtering

Advanced filtering and informative job posts to make the application process convenient.

Jobs Alerts

Convenient feature designed to keep candidates effortlessly informed about new job opportunities that match their set criteria.

Admin panel

Robust control center to efficiently manage and oversee various aspects of the inner and outer parts of the platform, including data, permissions, and automations control.

Learning Portal

A central hub from where employees may access a variety of learning resources, such as courses, manuals, and job-specific training, and managers can see the progress and results.


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