Web platform and Mobile application that simplifies publishing videos to various social media networks.


WeClip started as a small startup idea with the intention to make the video editing and sharing process easier, and unite people around the events - creating great memories to keep. Evolving into a big platform drawing attention and winning investing rounds.

Problem to be solved

Working on a universal tool covering all aspects requires neat planning and synchronization. And WeClip is not an exception. Our client was focused on implementing a web platform where it's possible to add and publish videos on various social networks in one click. That means we needed to form a seamless system combining strong, scalable architecture with numerous integrations.


Mobile Platforms

Win 1 Investment winning representation

Quality idea representation is fundamental for the startup product to attract investments and, at the same time, gain interested initial audience. That's why besides the obvious optimization and clear navigation we also focused on the business model, interactivity, and monetization for the platform to stand out.

Win 2 Ecosystem coverage

According to the business analysis results, 80% of the target audience prefers video editing and sharing tools within the mobile application. So our focus was to cover that need with a web version + mobile application.

Win 3 Modern tech solutions adopted

Numerous Integrations and modern technologies chosen create the ground for a reliable and scalable architecture.

Win 4 Marketing ready setup

Easy-to-manage web version with marketing tweaks to promote the platform without any additional investments. Hit the market right away!


1. Video editing tools

Allow creating videos by adding photos and editing existing ones - add bumpers and place watermarks, select thumbnails from the available options, and cut out the needed parts, and more.

2. Events system

Create and Co-Host events on the platform, add photos, invite friends and explore other available public events.

3. Personal Profile

Allows managing the created events, stored videos, personal info, and other settings.

4. Notification system

Lets users know about interactions with their events, new features, and public events they might be interested in.

5. Social Sharing

Instantly or Auto-publish videos setting the date and time through multiple channels.


Allow users to communicate in the comments to meet new people or maintain existing relationships.


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