Modern, high conversional website to represent the new Dental Clinic.

Background is an appealing, informative and convenient website that intended to represent the clinic's services and generate leads.

Problem to be solved

For Healthcare & Beauty businesses, the digital representation is the key to standing out and attracting the initial client base, winning trust. Vidnova team had the vision and understanding that a low-quality premade solution was not an option if they wanted to build a perfect-fit website that would be efficient and scalable to the franchise size.


Win 1 Cost-efficient solution

Following the best practices and using reliable integrations is the recipe to get a feature-rich and budget-wise efficient solution that would be relevant for years to come.

Win 2 Easy to adjust and scale

To provide improved usability for the client and future staff, we implemented a clean admin panel for full content control and scaling by adding new clinics/locations. No additional developer involvement needed after launch. Definitely time and budget saver!

Win 3 Marketing ready and SEO friendly

Special offers functionality, Multisliders, modal windows, CTAs, and clean navigation are all small details, but minimizing time and effort when applying marketing strategy. Allowing to hit the target audience right away.


1. Special offers

Pop-ups, banners, and separate page to inform clients about special offers and boost engagement.

2. Reviews system

A complex system that allows leaving separate reviews for the clinic in general and particular doctors. For other customers to make more informed decisions based on them.

3. Portfolio

Showcasing the previous works with high-resolution photos, and sliders with templates to protect the content and achieve a corporate look.

4. Multi-language support

To be on the same page with potential customers and optimize the website for higher ranks.

5. Blog

The blog feature set is a great way to educate users about the business/services and turn them into quality leads that got the full picture. Easy article adding and settings contributing to the simple maintenance strategy.

6. Instagram integration

Solution that allows showing the 3 latest Instagram posts on the website with automated updates. Additionally optimized in order to achieve a seamless user experience and high speed.


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