The Smalls

Platform providing young filmmakers with a space to showcase their work, connect with their peers, and look for commercial opportunities.


The Smalls is a community of independent filmmakers whose goal is to support young artists. The idea behind the community’s website was to provide young filmmakers with a space where they could showcase their work, connect with their peers, and look for commercial opportunities and sponsors.

Problem to be Solved

It is hard for a newcomer to succeed in the filmmaking business; it requires money, support, and most importantly, the opportunity to present one’s work to a wide audience. The solution that we implemented for The Smalls is an online platform that makes it all possible.


Win 1

The Smalls website became a safe space for the young artists to share their work, get feedback and find career opportunities.

Win 2

On the other hand, users of The Smalls platform can enjoy high quality video player looking through the other filmmakers works, getting inspired or just having a good time on the website.

Win 3

Profile on The Smalls platform can act like a convenient portfolio, showcasing all the artist's works and community reaction on them.

Win 4

Perfect for the companies to find their vendors when they need a creative video or short film. They can easily create a job post for the artists to reach out themselves or browse through different works, use search filters to find the match.


1. «Pitch Room»

Allows companies to publish job posts with "briefs" to show who they are looking for, terms, budget, and requirements.

2. Artist personal profile

Any artist within the filmmaking industry can create a personal profile, add previous creations and describe the working experience.

3. Video Player

Integrated video player and all necessary modules to make the watching process easy and comfortable.

4. Upload and Storage

The site allows easy video uploads and can store a large number of video files.

5. Feedback system

Allows community members to leave feedback.

6. Events and Festival announcements

Hosting events is not s simple task but the quality system of announcements definitely makes it easier.

7. Filters

Allows employers to find the right talents between 10K community members, with no fuss.


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