Application for leading construction company in Ukraine


"Each year construction business in Ukraine grows exponentially and becomes more and more competitive. In order to stand out, business owners need constantly level up the service creating a secured ecosystem to fill all the clients' and employee's needs. Our client had the idea of how to fill the gap - a unique system to ""run the business from your smartphone"". Which should make all processes more efficient - easy finance flow tracking, automate sales, and all cooperations between departments."

Problem to be solved

"One of the biggest challenges of implementing the idea was our client's focus on the individual approach. It's a great tool to build out the brand and trust but at the same time, it means a great variety of payment flows and options for the clients to pick from. As the second focus, our client wanted the system to be fully automated + paying attention to the individual approach. After researching the business processes of all departments and requirements we outlined the main goals: - lightning-fast CRM system - create intuitively simple interface for easy manager onboarding - implement convenient Analytics for C-level accounts - provide maximum security measures."


Mobile Platforms

Win 1 React Native to hit iOS and Android

In the Planning stage, we considered different tech stack options but stopped on the Laravel + React mix. Because of its universality, great speed, and high-level ERP security. As a result after a few months of development, the client had a working system in the 1 version to begin the next stage analyzing and testing on the real potential customers.

Win 2 Real Customer Presence in the Workflow

Fast and efficient testing in the early stages gave our client a unique opportunity to make the necessary changes right away. This way we saved the budget and boosted up the overall efficiency.

Win 3 Fast Delivery Control

We contacted the companies Leaders (who were testing the system) and had an opportunity to discuss new ideas and upgrades with them. This way we had all the feedback and needed changes sorted out. Moving fast we implemented the changes making the system more polished.

Win 4 Monetization

Thought-out flow that we boosted up with our solution showed the efficiency right away - the percentage of suecesfully closed deals grew and lost clients - dropped. Only for the 1 month of software usage the sales increased on $80 000.



The team was with 6 developers - Back-end developer, Front-end developer, ois developer, Project manager, Q&A
Project Manager

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