P2P bicycle sharing platform providing an easy-to-use, healthy, and environmentally friendly transportation


Pedaru idea originated during the 2017 INSEAD Venture Competition, where received the 2nd place award (out of 64 startups).

Problem to be solved

Founders wanted to impact Japanese communities on a deeper level, allowing bicycle owners to make money on their unused bikes, and users to save money and time on transportation. To achieve these goals, creators needed a stable, scalable solution that would be easy to use on the go, with maps, payment support, and all of the above within the startup budget. We were trusted to implement this vision within a modern IOS app!


Mobile Platforms

Win 1 Easy control and analytics

The Pedaru team has total control over the content thanks to the admin panel + proficient analytics and reporting features, which give them important insights into customer behavior and app performance.

Win 2 Scalable, long lasting solution

With the Pedaru growth in mind, we thought through the tech stack and architecture in the way for it to scale easily. So we settled with Swift for IOS - safe, fast, and easy to maintain + Vue with Laravel for the web platform.

Win 3 Cost efficient

We worked closely with Founders to refine the concept in order to implement the client's vision on a high level while staying within the client's budget and timetable requirements. This strategy aids in developing the ideal feature set, architecture, and outcome balance to make it affordable and achieve all the objectives.


1. Multi-language

App supports Japanese and English languages for easy use for locals and tourists.

2. User Registration

Users can sign up and create their profiles, including personal information and payment details. Secure authentication ensures a safe and reliable experience.

3. Bicycle owners Registration

Bike owners can create their profile, add one or multiple bicycles, set renting price, pickup locations, and add payment information.

4. Bicycle search & Map

Users can search for available bikes based on location or other preferences and see them on the map.

5. Bicycle Lock/Unlock

Users can unlock the bike to rent it, once they finish their ride and return the bike to the available parking spot, they can lock it back to end rental.

6. Payment flow

Bike rental and ownership transactions are handled through a secure payment gateway that integrates Stripe.

7. Push Notifications

Keeping users and bike owners up to date, letting them know about the updates, and more.


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Happy Clients Say

Jad Saleh
This app kickstarted our operation, received good feedback, and showed tangible results to our existing and potential investors. It will definitely take our startup to the next level.

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