Custom ERP system for Packaging Manufacturer
Excel to custom Enterprise tool

Project Goal

To move away from numerous Excel Spreadsheets system towards the custom Enterprise tool.


FROMM Group - market-leading manufacturer with years of experience in developing, selling, and servicing a wide range of handheld tools and automated systems for securing and protecting transport loads worldwide.

Problem to be solved

At some point, the popular solutions to manage the patents-related workflow for the team no longer served. The team used a complex set of Google Spreadsheets, but as the business grew, it became harder and less time-efficient with each new person added to the process. The number of errors and further risks pushed the team to come up with the idea for the custom tool, that we were trusted to implement!


Win 1 Workflow efficiency +30%

Working together with company managers, we outlined and implemented a system that would be fast and convenient for all employees. By excluding mistakes with manual input, adding history of versions, and patent updates, the solution managed to boost the overall workflow efficiency by 30%.

Win 2 High automation and scalability

Optimized flow doesn't require manual data adding + navigation using filters/groups is simpler than ever. With thought about the future, also we made sure the system would be easy to expand and update with new features making this solution long-lasting.

Win 3 Cost-effective tech solution

To test the concept in action asap, hop over the design step and get a quality solution, we chose moving with Vuexy in combination with Laravel.


1. Advanced filters

Allow to confidently navigate through patents using data points like - legal status, grant dates, period of objection, ID, and much more.

2. Customizable dashboard

Teammembers can manage how the dashboard looks for them by picking individual columns to show and collapsing the unnecessary ones.

3. XLSX Import

Allows bulk upload for patent documents to automatically form and fill Patent Cards.

4. Patent Cards

Provides access to information about the patent, allowing making changes, attaching documents, seeing version history, assigning tasks, and more.

5. Changes history

Working together on the patent changes, employees can see the version history - who and when made certain changes.

6. To-do functionality

In the patent card team members can assign important tasks, and due dates for them, and attach documents if needed.

7. Patent History

Separate from changes history, the feature to see patents updates and their previous versions to compare on one screen.

8. Roles management

Admin manually adds employees for secure platform access and sets the roles and permissions.

9. Email Notifications

Reminding teammates about the to-dos and due dates via email.


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Experts working on the project:
Project Manager

Happy Clients Say

Andreas Jankowski
AMgrade always delivered on time and was very flexible in responding to change requests. The project management always had an open ear and was an enriching interface to the developers. Regular meetings ensured a smooth workflow.

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