Knowledge Tree

An educational platform that offers classroom-based courses in venues across the UK and Europe


Knowledge Tree Training is a platform that gives opportunity to people to learn about the local courses, and professional trainings ( including accredited - Prince2, MSP, APMG International), enroll for them, and pay in advance, along with the educators to list their courses - all in one place.

Problem to be solved

With a huge variety of online courses nowadays, it seems like a challenge to find local classroom-based ones, especially when aiming for accredited professional training. And if you do find them, the whole booking process often remains offline and can be confusing. To fill this gap and create a seamless user experience the Knowlege Tree platform was created.


Win 1 Long lasting, scalable solution

With the right tech stack on board and a thought-out structure (all parties' convenience in mind) relevant for years solution that would be easy to manage and maintain is totally achievable. And this was our primary focus based on the Knowledge Tree team goals.

Win 2 Efficient chanel to reach target audience

The modern website definitely opens a new door to widen a target audience, boost accessibility and sales by providing a convenient space for potential clients and at the same time - a base for a marketing strategy. Only in the first 3 months after the website launched company achieved +40% conversion rates.


1. Courses

Separate pages to provide the full info about the particular course - program, examples of materials, videos, location, dates, and more for the students to make a fully informed decision.

2. Listing with Filters

Filters for all searches on the website help users easily find what they've been looking for. You can set filters by - course categories, Location, Course period, and more.

3. Educator profile

Verified educators can list their courses, monitor and control invoicing and payment flow, bookings and see the analytics for their profile.

4. Student profile

Students are able to review and add courses to favorites, book and pay for them on-site, see courses locations, and book with the ability for the employer to pay for an employee.

5. Promocodes

Promocodes feature set to use as a part of marketing strategy. Users can add promocodes when checking out.

6. Secure Payments

Secure and transparent SLL checkout using Stripe integration with a progress bar, pay for employee as a company, and confirmation systems.

7. Platform Management tools

Super Admin panel for the Knowledge Tree team to fully manage the website, content, payments, educators' validation, and more.


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