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Hayward is a professional in the Automotive industry, offering expertise to provide a seamless car buying experience for company clients.

Problem to be solved

With rapid Digital transformation, now for the business to stand out, having an average website is simply not enough, even if offering a unique service. And it became a reality for our client when competitors started aggressive marketing and increased sales through their websites. To fill the potential users' needs Hayward team decided to revamp the website from scratch and adapt modern solutions to provide an even more seamless experience in the future.


Win 1 Advanced platform control and analytics

Full control with admin panel, robust analytics and reporting capabilities, providing Hayward team with valuable insights into customer behavior, traffic sources, and sales performance. This data used to make informed business decisions and optimize marketing efforts.

Win 2 Modern technologies adapted

Integrations and cutting-edge technologies were selected to lay the foundation for a dependable, scalable, and secure platform. At the same time making workflow for the managers simplier and more efficient. Less effort - more results!

Win 3 Marketing startegy launch - ready

Marketing/Advertisement functionality thought out from the very beginning to minimize time and effort applying marketing strategy. Allowing to hit the target audience right away.



Provide users with a wide range of 100% up-to-date options for new and used cars, including all makes and models.

Advanced Filters

Users are able to search for cars based on their preferences, such as make, model, year, price range, location, and even interior color with advanced filtering on board.

Personal profile

Users can create a profile on the platform, save their favorite listings, as well as view their previous search history and activity. Leave a request for the trade-in appraisal and/or loan options after filling in a questionnaire.

KBB (Price Advisor) - API Integration

Gives platform access to accurate, up-to-date vehicle data, providing Hayward clients the confidence that they can get a fair price, there’s no need to look elsewhere for pricing.

Chromedata API Integration

Using VIN code provides data about the most important features of vehicles, dialer discounts info, inventory, media library, and more.

FI Express Integration

Relevant data about the insurance services and products is one click away in Service & Protection Plans section.

Trade-In Feature

Allows users to learn trade-in price based on factors such as make, model, year, mileage, and condition of their old vehicle to get the best deal.

Loans Calculator

Users can estimate the monthly loan payments for a specific car. The loan calculator will factor in the car's price, loan term, down payment, interest rate, and credit score (users can input their approximate score to get the most exact results).

Car Data Easy Upload

Using VIN code Admin can add new vehicles on-site fast and accurately + bulk upload with XLS file.

Platform Management tools

Admin panel to fully manage the website content, car data, integrations, users + convenient marketing tools, and analytics.


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