Custom platform for Virtual Offices Business

Platform for a company providing Virtual Offices solutions worldwide


The idea of the platform formed around the problem of many businesses trying to get better reach worldwide without actually opening offices in all desired countries.

Problem to be solved

To represent the business, and have a stable sales channel and system to manage everything website is necessary. With this request, the team reached out to us. The main focus points they outlined for us were responsiveness, functionality (for customers and staff), and reliability, all within a given timeframe and budget.


Win 1 Automated, long lasting solution

We put together the tech stack and architecture for the website to be scalable with the company's growth in mind. And added functionality for effortless sales flow management, keeping track of ongoing contracts, and a few automations to notify staff and customers.

Win 2 Cost-Efficient

We designed a solution based on our practical experience that satisfied team's requirements for features while staying within the allocated budget and timeline.


1. Admin panel

Admin panel allows managing the contracts and data, website content, adding new cities, addresses, and rewards. + Has 3-level management access control: Admin, Manager, and Owner with different permissions.

2. Personal profile

The user dashboard allows managing profiles/contact info, adding purchases, viewing order/payment history, tracking reward points/points spent, updating payment methods, and making manual payments.

3. Rewards system

The rewards system allows user to earn points when a referral comes to the site through their remote link, registers, and subscribes to an address. Reward points can be used for any payment on the website.

4. Multi-language

Supports 4 popular languages, automatic default one chosen in the process of registration.

5. Payment flow

Safe payment flow allows CC, PayPal, bank transfers, credits/points from rewards balance, billed in the local currency of the address.

6. Automatization

Thought-out system to minimize manual work for the team and prevent human errors including document flow, currency exchange rates, and automate the redirections, notifications for the clients.

7. Notifications

Members and staff get notifications via SMS and/or email about contract start, contract end, status and payment updates, profile changes confirmations, and more.


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