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The Craftmusic started with a mission of empowering musicians/artists/brands and then evolved into creating a space for them to create, connect, and discover unique content, promote themselves, and gain valuable connections.

Problem to be solved

As someone closely related to the creative sphere, founder of Craftmusic clearly saw the competitive edge and the potential challenges. The first fundamental one was thinking through and creating an efficient advertisement system that would be easy to use as artists often find it hard to get locally and globally discovered. The second challenge was the security of the payments and information, along with the protection from bots, which was a big competitor's issue. Together, we found ways to tackle the challenges for Craftmusic.


Mobile Platforms

Win 1 Investment winning representation

To build a solid, scalable, and secure platform, the latest yet stable technologies and integrations were chosen taking into account the complexity of the concept and industry-specific challenges.

Win 2 Modern Technologies Adapted

To build a solid, scalable, and secure platform, cutting-edge technologies and integrations were chosen taking into account the complexity of the concept and industry-specific challenges.


Creator Profile

Visual artists and music creators can sell digital art, video clips, instrumentals, and sample packs + advertise themselves. They can also collaborate and create new content in a handy pocket studio.

Business profile

Brands can communicate, and hire musicians and artists to create unique, authentic ads for their products and services.

User profile

Users can explore the platform and discover new content, genres, and be on top of the trends.

Feed & Search

Allow seeing the latest content filter it and set the preferences for the future feed.

Pocket studio & Collabs

Multiple users can collaborate in the app studio in real time and import or record music, photos, and videos.


Feed made specifically to promote artists, content and brands.

Chat and groups

Allow creators and brands to communicate and plan future collaborations directly in the app, no need to contact outside the platform.


Secure payment flow gives the opportunity for users and brands to buy rights of ownership on different content available.


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Anya Oleynik
AMgrade saw the issues with the code and proposed a much better solution that would solve existing and future issues. They are the most hard-working and honest team I’ve met.

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