Comfort City

Conversion-focused website to represent the newly developed condo complex and boost apartment sales


Sensar - Construction Company.


Comfort City needed a website even before the finish line of development because of the modern Real Estate sale strategy where buyers basically can invest in development by getting an apartment this early yet significantly save money. This is why the company reached out to us right away.

Problem to be solved

Buying real estate is a significant decision, so it's important for the developer company to establish trustworthiness and offer an exceptional user experience to entice potential customers and increase visibility. This was a key goal for Comfort City's website too along with exclusive interactivity and fast time-to-market.


Win 1 Marketing ready

Fast time-to-market is not always a guarantee of applying marketing strategy right away and readiness for changes on the go. So we make sure to plan and add multisliders, modal windows, CTAs, and of course tidy navigation as a small details that make it easy to launch a marketing strategy and make nesesary updates.

Win 2 No-hustle website administration

For saving time and budget even after the website launch, we built an efficient admin panel, which allows control of the content and website elements/structure. This way, any entrusted employee can easily make necessary changes and prepare for the marketing strategy launch.

Win 3 Hearts-winning solution

To win customers' hearts for good, engagement is fundamental. With a focus on it, we made interactive website elements, including 3d floor plans. Also, we added Live Cameras streaming as an additional feature because the Development Company planned to start the apartment sale before the complex was built. It enables prospective buyers to monitor the construction process and assess the company's credibility and progress.

Win 4 High-conversional mobile version

Analyzing the company's launched complexes websites team concluded that over 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices, in this case, a mobile-first approach is essential. Following it, we focused on the mobile user experience and keeping all tweaks and tricks from the web version.


Interactive appartment layouts

Comprehensive display of building and apartment plans that are easy to navigate and manage. As a user, you can view the plans for each sector, floor, and apartment and see which ones are available for booking/buying. As an employee, you have the ability to upload new plans, personalize them, add status badges, and link apartment plans to their respective floor, sector, and building.

3D view gallery

Every apartment listing includes 3D view to show off the layout and potential design.

Viewing booking

Users have the option of booking the apartment viewing as well as setting up manager consultations.


Integrations are an outstanding method to increase website users' and business owners' convenience. For Comfort City, we combined LiveChat, Kommo (AMO) CRM, Phonet, YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms, together with Analytics for strategy planning and monitoring, Email for the system of reminders, and personnel to manage the flow.

Infrastructure Map

For future buyers visualizing is really important so map integration showing off the neighborhood and infrastructure is perfect to display the actual placement of the residential complex.

Live Cameras 360

Another great way to establish trust - 24/7 Live Cameras access to demonstrate the construction site and overall progress of building the condo complex.


To make sure the future marketing strategy launches smoothly we implemented Multisliders. Serving as a constructor for creating ad banners as well as additional text, and buttons with links and managing the analytics.


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