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Client was using a set of google sheets, scripts, and manual procedures to manage the inventory of link-builders, sites, and links -they work with many link builders, each of them has a list of sites where they can publish articles. When they import a list of sites from a linkbuilder to our main inventory, they copy them to a google sheet and run scripts that update many parameters using external APIs. (e.g Alexa, Semrush, IP Address and location and many more )

Problems to be solved

When a client needs to propose a list of potential sites for a project, he sorts and filters the google sheet and copy the result to a new sheet. His current inventory includes 8 different google sheets files (one per language), with more than 30,000 sites combined (some are duplicate sites that belong to different link builders). Now our system can maintain the same data (and more) in a more efficient way that allows easier importing, searching, and managing of inventory, adding information to websites and tracking past publications.


We started the discovery phase to find a solution that suits client needs. We analyzed their current work process with google docs and proposed to develop an internal system that will automate their work, store and update data in an efficient way


Win 1 UI/UX design for the web app

The first step - prototyping and designs. Designers made client interaction with the platform as simple and efficient as possible so that it won't take too much time for new employees to figure out how to work with this platform.

Win 2 Right Technology stack

We suggested using Laravel and Vue.js for this project, as there are many features out of the box, that help to speed up development and show MVP fast. Also, thanks to these technologies, the project is easily scalable for future development.

Win 3 API integrations

We integrated Alexa, Semrush, Ahrefs, Domdetailer and set autoupdate for all API, so that data in our system was always up to date.


SPA (Single page application)

We created this project as a SPA, thanks to SPA we decreased the load of the server, as we don't need to upload the same files several times


Products is being prepared to be taken to other countries. It doesn’t just mean being able to change languages. Instead, it means being able to accept different forms of data, different settings to match local customs and different strings of data, and process it correctly.

Site Scrapers

We created scripts to parse data from the list of the websites in a specific period (SSL, site title, etc)


Integrations with several currency exchange rate systems to provide more accurate exchange rates

Data export

Google sheet and XLS exports of fully managed (columns, data) table for better user experience.


Light / Dark theme switcher

CSV upload

Populating database with sites from CSV

Search functionality

Ability to save/edit/delete searches with a large count of the filters

Floating action buttons(fub)

You can attach tags to several records. More convenient way for quick editing, no need to scroll to the last column with actions anymore.

Drag and drop feature

You can easily drag and drop columns in tables, that saves your time and improves the working experience

Templates for tables

Using templates with the columns that were previously selected to set your tables faster


We built the system in 5 weeks, using Laravel framework for the backend and Vue.js for the Frontend.


The team of three people successfully implemented this project
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