Got Your Website Coded. What’s Next: Web Server, SEO, SEM, SMM

1. Website administration as a guarantee of website’s stable work.

Website development is a process requiring experience, time, and money. Having a website coded is just halfway toward the implementation of entire web development project.

At the back end of web development, there is web server administration. This process keeps web servers up and running, keeps track of logs, makes sure the hosting continues to work, the servers are secure. In other words, web server administration is the set of methods for website’s launch and further smooth stable work.

It requires such actions as:

  • Setup. It includes software, hardware, PHP, MySQL, Apache installation and configuration.
  • Hosting settings and configuration.
  • Security control. The most important part of web administration. If you don’t pay proper attention to your site, the hackers will.
  • Ongoing software troubleshooting, maintenance, patching, and upgrades.
  • Regular software server backup and recovery. It is the only way to prevent losing all data.
  • Round the clock monitoring. It helps to detect the slightest signs of possible problems, so appropriate measures can be taken in advance.
  • Live environment configuration. The production environment is a live operational software release for end-user. Software is deployed to this environment after passing UAT testing. Only the Software Configuration Manager can deploy completed software code into this area. To ensure fulfillment of commitments, the ADS Project Manager and Software Configuration Manager determine the release package’s content.

2. Turn your website into a moneymaker (SEO, SEM, SMM).

Ever wondered what’s all the fuss over SEO, SEM & SMM? Well, we’re here to give you a detailed description of these terms, so you’ll be able to use it in everyday life.

Let us start with SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is a set of methods, used to increase ranking through search engines. The main task of SEO is to attract customer to the website and force him to take an action. It is a total science, requiring good skills, experience, and individual approach. As there’s no definite strategy, every business needs its own plan. Generally, SEO process can be divided into 3 major parts: on-site SEO, link-building and usability improvement. That’s why it is crucial to use all these components to full extent.

What are the benefits of SEO? Just have a look:

  • Increases traffic.
  • Better ROI.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Usability.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Takes your business on a high level.
  • Goes closely with latest developments.
  • Measurable results.

Good SEO is something any website must have by default. Not having it optimized for search engines will level down the entire online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – is a set of methods directed to increase attendance from the search engines with the help of SEO and content-targeted advertising. Unlike SEO, SEM deals with all aspects of search engines like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Pay per click advertising. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SEO is simply just a form of SEM. The main task of SEM is to drive targeted traffic to the website.

What are the benefits of SEM?

  • Ads show up above search results.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Ability to target specific audience subject to business needs.
  • ROI increase.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) – is the set of custom and creative methods of attracting the audience from social networks, blogs, forums. A social media campaign is generally directed to branding, loyalty increase, targeting.

Let us define the benefits of social media marketing for your business:

  • Branding and loyalty.
  • Increasing interest and involvement.
  • Low cost of advertising.
  • Wide and exact target market coverage.
  • Immediate response and interaction with the customer.
  • Good reporting and analytic ability.
  • Content promotion.
  • Well-timed information about company’s news.

SMM is an efficient marketing tool, showing excellent results and containing great potential. Without social media your social web presence is not complete, so don’t waste it.

Web analytics is the process of understanding and optimizing web usage by means of web data tracking, reporting, analysis. Without it you won’t be able to evaluate criteria of your website’s efficiency. The core idea of web analytics is to monitor the website’s attendance. Web analytics studies the web audience and its behavior for the purposes of web resources’ development and extension. The significance of analytics is wider as it may seem. With its help is possible to make forecasts of different marketing campaigns, to analyze the market, to monitor the client’s attitude towards the product.

Web analytics is based on two principles:

  • The principle of constant development, improvement, advanced methods, technologies, funds.
  • The principle of management flexibility, searching for the best possible resolutions, organization of the business processes.

Web analytics helps in solving such problems:

  • Website’s functionality and usability development through visitor’s behavior monitoring.
  • Building the efficient internet advertising strategy.
  • Defining the drawbacks and the way of their improvement (structure, navigation, design, content, optimization).
  • New money-making opportunity.

The efficient and competent web analytics’ usage is the resolution of many problems. It is of crucial importance for web marketing, web advertising, search engine and business improvement.

Website improvement. Every website requires an ongoing update to keep high ranks and competitive positions. Website must become the exact reflection of your business growth and suit your business needs. So it is crucial to keep it on the appropriate level.

Here we have selected some tips that strive for websites improvement:

  1. Usability
  2. Hi-quality content
  3. Thoughtful design
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Website functionality
  6. Web analytics
  7. Search engine optimization

Every site is unique. Therefore, only individual approach to determining the optimal range of essential activities, will really help to make the site more efficient and thereby increase the profit.

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