Advantages Of Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants

The food delivery market is changing at an accelerated pace. And as a restaurant owner, being online is the way to go when it comes down to expanding your current customer base & boosting your stream of revenue.

The benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants are becoming more evident every day. Today’s diners tend to prefer using technology to access restaurant services. Online reservations, online take out, and online pick up are favored over picking up the phone, and it is essential to meet their needs if you want to remain competitive. 

Online ordering application saves your time by avoiding food orders over the phone that has to be done manually. By making the ordering process fully automated, it increases the cost-effectiveness and productivity of your food business with less manpower.

Establishments who lag behind the online ordering trend will be left behind in favor of restaurants who have stepped up. In today’s crowded restaurant space, there is no margin for error. If you want to succeed, you must meet the needs of your clientele. It’s as simple as that. 

If you want your restaurant to just sustain (forget about flourishing and earning profits at the moment) having a strong online presence, particularly a website and a mobile app that enables customers to place orders at convenience, should be on your priority list for 2020.

Customer’s satisfaction

Since in this busy era customer doesn’t have time to go out and stand in queues, so they prefer to order from Nearby restaurants or Take away delivery by sitting anywhere on the earth. This will also help the customers to fit their budget while Online food ordering, by reducing the unnecessary taxes and by reducing the traveling expenses. Order food online helps the customer with easy food delivery at their doorsteps, gives them access to the entire menu on mobile application and allow them to explore the whole range of food.

Customers can select the food items from the online menu on the restaurant website and can order accordingly as per their interest. In fact, they can place the food orders within their budget by adding or removing the food items as per the cost variation.

Increase in Sales

An Online Food Ordering system opens up a pool of opportunities for customers. Restaurant specially made their menus to highlight or have them designed in a way they can make suggestions to the customer as they are ordering.

 Customer has all the time to review the menu and make additional selections that they would not normally make and customer also have exciting offers and coupons. 

This will increase sales through online promotion and large orders per customer for online food delivery.

Research shows that mismanaged food ordering systems irritate customers and some of them may even go away to your competitors.

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Clients can order whenever they want

Online food ordering allows customers to make orders whenever they want and choose a specified delivery or pickup time for when the restaurant is open. If a customer knows they want to eat food from a restaurant in a few hours, they can make a pre-order and pick up the food when it’s ready.

Your restaurant might not be open 24/7, but your online ordering system surely is. And it can help you make money even while you sleep. By using an online food ordering system, you give your clients the flexibility to place the orders whenever it’s most convenient for them. Even if that happens outside your business hours.

Process your payments online to earn more money

Currently, more than 60% of all customers pay online. Customers like online payments because they don’t have to worry about paying at your restaurant. Instead, they just pick up their food and go. It’s a rapid process.

Work with efficient payment gateways so that the order management system works smoothly.Online processing also benefits your restaurant by ensuring that customers pay for their orders. When you have online payment processing, you don’t have to worry about customers who place fake orders or never show up to collect their food. No matter what happens, you get paid. And you eliminate all sorts of risks.

Efficient customer and order management

Online food ordering system helps you to build a better customer relationship with all your customers by providing an end to end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This especially helps to maintain a better relationship with your customers, which is required to drive business.

It also comes with an order management system that streamlines the entire ordering process starting from order placement to order delivery. Whenever your customers place an order, it even lets you receive an instant SMS or email notification to make the order execution faster.

Better control 

One obvious benefit of a robust food ordering system is that you can get several kinds of reports. Find out which product line generates more sales and which one fared poorly. You can also map your sales seasons and then plan your next marketing programs.

Online ordering system features that help you keep selling food during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are forced to suspend their work. I offer to look at additional practices that will help not lose customers and earnings.

1. Reassure customers about food safety by adding a Health section on your website.

 The section easily enables you to convey anything you deem important about your safety practices.

Don’t be shy about it, put all the gory details that you thought through in order to deliver food safely and clean. The more transparent you are about your COVID-19 safety practices, the more people will trust you & re-order from you.

2. Deliver more than food. Deliver safety

Prove your customers that the people cooking & delivering their foods are healthy, by showing them the following:

name & body-temperature of the cook

name & body-temperature of the delivery person

3. NEW Email blast feature to help you keep your clients informed during COVID-19

Email your customers a list of all the safety measures that you took to protect your staff & food clients from COVID-19.


Online ordering and food delivery have taken a big turn over the past few years. The sheer number of startups and the level of funding in this domain is overwhelming. Setting up an online ordering system sets up a restaurant for efficiency, growth and a steady increase in revenue.

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