16 Powerful Marketing Tips for Real Estate Website in 2024

Before starting to deal with your Real Estate business – most of your potential customers will come to your website. So, the impression of your business that customers get on your site will affect their further interaction with you and, accordingly, will bring you profit.

It’s safe to say that a highly optimized website becomes your business partner in implementing your bold marketing strategies, getting online success, and obtaining potential leads.

Marketing is about developing business, and we know exactly which marketing ideas You have to implement on the site for effective E-commerce, comprehensive promotion of your Real Estate website, and reaching new potential clients. As a result of our dedicated work over the years, we have created our list of best marketing tips for real estate websites. They are all tested by AMgrade and bring success to many real estate websites today.

The best marketing tools for real estate websites:

  1. Brand Monetization with a Quality Website
  2. The Site as an Effective Online Customer Service Platform 24/7
  3. Best Marketing Tips for the Real Estate Websites to Boost Sales
    3.1. Multifunction Slider
    3.2. Soft Sign-Up to Increase the Number of Customers
    3.3. Adjustable Blocks
    3.4. The Pop-Up Windows
    3.5. Connecting a List of Videos on YouTube
    3.6. Referral Programs
    3.7. Integration with Mail Services
    3.8. Instagram Feed Embedding
    3.9. Pixels from Facebook
    3.10. Chat Integration
    3.11. Infolines and Banners
    3.12. Labels on Real Estate Listings
    3.13. Integration of Online Scheduling and Google Calendar
    3.14. Customer Reviews
    3.15. Block “You Have Already Watched”
    3.16. Block “Popular” on the Main Page
  4. Final Words

Let’s have a more detailed look. But before we begin, here are some materials you might also need:

1. Brand Monetization with a Quality Website

In creating a marketing strategy for business development, marketers predict the number of customers and approximate sales volume.

While the consumer moves from the category of Lead to Prospect, the most crucial role is played here by the Brand information and its quality received on the Internet. Therefore, in this first stage of the sales funnel, your website is key in getting information about your business, and the best marketing tool for real estate.

To attract new customers to your site, you can use different Internet marketing channels and analyze the effectiveness of each of them separately, changing them depending on the results. But, the site is your only initial source of information for the customer, and it must be flawless. We have already written about the essential features of the successful Real Estate website in the article here.

2. The Site as an Effective Online Customer Service Platform 24/7

Communication between the company and the customer is the most significant process in future cooperation. Through the site, you have the opportunity to interact with customers – you can answer their questions online, review current trends in the blog, conduct surveys on the quality of service and customer opinion.  This way, you will know the public’s expectations and how you can tailor your services to their needs.

Hence, you should use these features on your site to achieve mentioned goals:

  • Effective UX (User Experience)
  • IDX integration
  • Responsive design
  • Blog content
  • Branded messaging and images
  • Lead capture landing pages
  • CTA Blocks

One of the essential aspects of today’s Real Estate website is IDX (Internet Data Exchange). This tool is not simply nice to have in this digital-first world but a prerequisite for success.

This powerful software tool is commonly used in Real Estate to add MLS listings to their websites.

Thanks to IDX, you have a data connection between your website and MLS. The imported listings can be updated even every few hours. So now, your website will always have a relevant, up-to-date database for available properties within a selected area.

You can note that the listing information on websites that get data from other sources is not as complete and up-to-date as IDX. The websites without IDX simply miss the traffic and potential customers. Users don’t visit such websites periodically “to check the news”, and those Real Estate agencies stay out of the game. 

An extra benefit of integrating IDX into the Real Estate website is the saving of resources for filling the site with relevant listings due to the automation of this process. 

In addition to those vital tips for the Real Estate website, we would like to share more hints and tricks to help you generate new leads and increase property sales.

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3. Best Marketing Tips for the Real Estate Websites to Boost Sales

3.1 Multifunction Slider

To provide the best user experience, we would advise a real estate website owner to consider the benefits of implementing a multi-functional slider.

First of all, it gives the site owner the ability to quickly change offers on the site and show them in a favorable light. For example, if the multi-slider is installed on the site, it gives the possibility to turn off the images quickly and run to screen the video in the slider. And besides, the video will be displayed correctly both on PC and mobile phones.

Need to change an offer again? In this way, you just turn off the video, install the required images, add titles and in 5 minutes – everything is posted to your site, and you don’t need to wait for an IT company, set technical tasks, wait for installation…

Another benefit of the multi-functional slider, as we see it, is facilitating navigation on the site. For example, you can guide your user from a multi-slider through the pages you need to promote.

Thus, a real estate multi-slider is a cool marketing tool when used correctly.

3.2 Soft Signup to Increase the Number of Customers

Owners of real estate sites should be interested in a constantly growing subscriber base. It would ease communication, give important data about the target audience, and build a productive marketing strategy in Real Estate. 

We want to point out that integration with mail services and the information about the client obtained through registration makes it possible to segment customers in greater detail and use an advertising budget more efficiently. Furthermore, this simple tip for Real Estate websites allows marketers to conduct an objective analysis of sales based on the collected order statistics and could bring up extra opportunities, such as:

  • stimulating customers to new orders through mailing
  • providing targeted loyal traffic.

 The average email opt-in rate is 1.95%. Not much, right? But how to get more signups and expand your customer base?

We have a solution! AMgrade team offers our customers to use the Soft Registration method, which allows us to register users as accurately and softly as possible. 

Hence, we suggest users fill only one field  – an email, which is quick and easy, plus an excellent reason to do it right now.

Example of implemented Soft Sign-Up from one of our previous projects. More about it here

 The reasons for making soft signup can be different:

  • unlimited access to property photos
  • signed up users can mark favorites or wish-list only after registration
  • unlimited access to full information about the object 
  • guests can not use additional advanced services
  • only registered users can leave comments, put ratings
  • with registration, they can receive notifications about new objects, hot offers, etc. 
  • participate in sweepstakes, surveys, loyalty programs, etc.

Integrated soft sign-up is a beneficial marketing tool that would help you identify your users, create personal interactions, and convert users into customers.

3.3 Adjustable Blocks

The user looked at the property in categories and areas. Depending on this, you have to show information in blocks divided according to the relevant data. For example, a real estate website might have such blocks as the Best price, Popular, Now in demand, More products for selection (similar products), etc.

Adjustable blocks are a great marketing tool for Real Estate websites to increase user engagement and the chance of a user leaving a request on the site.

3.4 The Pop-Up Windows

It will help if you need to convert as many websites and blog visitors into leads as possible. If you rely only on your contact page, you will only get a tiny fraction of the leads you could potentially capture. What you need are pop-up windows.

Pop-ups get automatically triggered when visitors fulfill certain conditions on a page, such as staying longer than 20 seconds or scrolling more than 30% of a page. They are great for capturing leads.

It is worth noting that setting up various conditions for displaying pop-ups at the most appropriate time for visitors will be quite effective. For example, it is possible to set up a pop-up display when a user reads some text, scrolls to a specific block on a page, or visits several pages according to a given condition, etc. Besides, it would be great for you to collect statistics on popup displays for your website to adjust and improve the conversion rate.

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3.5 Connecting a List of Videos on YouTube

Real estate marketing shouldn’t always be about infographics and pictures. It’s no secret that video can be a powerful tool for real estate websites. You can connect a list of videos from YouTube. The list may consist of external videos, or you can create your own videos, and it doesn’t have to cost thousands. Whether you go for a highly produced video with client testimonials or use video software to record a message from your laptop pitching your services to a potential client, video can be a way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

3.6 Referral Programs

We are betting if a user interested in real estate cannot find a useful site or does it for the first time – he will believe someone’s familiar and knowledgeable advice more than advertising on the Internet. Thus, a friendly recommendation is a valuable component and one of the most effective ways to boost sales within the so-called Referral program.

Building a Referral program will increase the level of attracting new customers by encouraging regular customers to recommend your site, including a bonus reward. Statistics show that 41% of new agents come into the real estate business exclusively through the Referral Program.

But how to connect the regular and new customers in the sales system, and what is the website’s role? Again, AMgrade would help you with the correct answer!

To launch a referral program on your site, you need to consider the possibilities available to the customer and their automation. One of the primary and priority stages of the program implementation on the real estate website, we consider it necessary to have friends join the Referral Program by sending an automatic invitation. An oral offer to a friend or client, “I propose you use this website and subscribe to their Referral program…!” – may remain misheard or forgotten, and a person may make a mistake in the name of the site, etc.

The implementation of the functionality ”Invite friends” for the site user is as follows:

  • a function and a button “Invite friends” has to be realized in the user’s personal account;
  • by selecting the “Invite Friends” function, the user must have access to different channels for sending an invitation: via instant messengers, by email, or by sending a link with an invitation code;
  • when sending an invitation, the accounts of both participants in this process are considered – everyone will receive bonus points and other benefits;
  • by accepting your invitation to join the Referral program – the user automatically becomes a participant with the due bonuses and opportunities;

A Referral program available on your real estate website is one of the cheapest ways to attract new customers and keep regular ones through constant motivation.

3.7 Integration with Mail Services

One of the main tasks of marketers is to increase the database of potential customers, maximize interaction with them, enhance their loyalty, and convert them into existing customers.

Email – is one of the most powerful and effective marketing channels for building customer relationships and communication.

There are several easy ways to collect users’ email addresses. For example, if the new users fill out the email address in the registration form, you can suggest subscribing for price updates and new offers.

But how to implement email marketing for your real estate website in the most efficient way?

There are two ways: send emails directly from your site or integrate a marketing automation platform into the site.

If you want to simplify and optimize the process, we do not recommend choosing the first option. Ready-to-use integrated platforms such as Mailchimp or Mailerlite allow you to send personalized letters on behalf of your company, create entire chains of smart mailings, and send out special offers to a segmented audience. At the same time, you will be able to divide your potential customers into segments on any ground.

Obviously, you can use mailing services without integration. In this case, you will need to add data about your customers yourself and update the database in the mailing list service. But if you want to avoid wasting your time on manual routine, AMgrade will help you integrate the automation email platform and transfer all the necessary data.

3.8 Instagram Feed Embedding

There is no secret that nowadays, Real Estate needs a social media presence.

According to Forbes, Americans spent 1,300 hours on social media last year, and Instagram is one of the most popular today. Therefore, many successful Real Estate companies don’t miss such opportunities. A great example is realtor, Lance Tuazon’s Instagram account, with 30K subscribers. Just imagine how well they developed their account and how powerful this tool can be in Real Estate business development.

The Instagram feed would be that perfect visual component of your Real Estate website that catches the attention of a specified target audience. This platform allows users to inspire, discover, share, tag, comment, and ‘love’ your visual content. The created content enhances brand awareness and drives engagement. As a result, beautiful pictures from your Instagram account would expand the target audience. Customers can follow you there, and you receive an extra communication and advertising channel. 

To avoid unnecessary routine work, we recommend our customers integrate Instagram into their site. The proper integration will ensure timely updates of your trendy Instagram photos on your real estate website.

It’s very important to do everything right because otherwise, the site speed will be low, and even the Instagram account may be blocked. However, we insist on the need to embed the Instagram feed on your real estate website. It will instantly boost your brand’s commercial and social proof, making social media a core component of any website layout.

3.9 Pixels from Facebook

Facebook ads allow you to display advertising to a niche audience based on different parameters such as age, gender, region, interests, and more. It is an excellent approach to collecting the audience. Facebook also allows you to organize users who will visit your real estate website and interact with them in the future. 

Most businesses use one Facebook pixel to collect the target audience. But Real Estate websites have a lot of data and value propositions for very different audiences. So, for precise tracking and optimizing diverse target audiences, creating relevant ad campaigns for them, and remarketing ads, Real Estate websites need multiple Facebook pixels. To perform it, you need to set up your site’s FB pixels by adding various pixels to different pages and sections.

To empower you, AMgrade develops effective solutions that will allow you to decide where and how to set up FB pixels on the site. For example, we would help you choose pages, exact conditions (into a category, area), etc. This flexibility will let you collect the audience according to the needed criteria and, as a result, display ads to the most segmented target audience. Moreover, precise segmentation will allow you to increase ad efficiency and save your marketing budget.

In the same way, you can set up a Google Pixel on your website for retargeting.

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3.10 Chat Integration 

Online chat for the Real Estate site is the simplest and most effective tool for direct communication with customers, which plays a vital role in service, improving the user experience, and increasing conversions. Chat is not only a tool for attracting leads but also a source of live information from customers, therefore assessing the quality of service and its improvement.

The development of an individual solution is a labor-intensive process. Hence, AMgrade often offers to save the client’s money and time and implement only integration.

3.11 Infolines and Banners

Infolines and banners on real estate websites could also be a helpful marketing tool in product promotion and ease user search performance. They notify customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, information about partners (banks, lawyers), loyalty programs, and other advertising and useful info.

We recommend using specified conditions in displaying banners, for example, only on certain pages, categories, objects, etc. Thus, the site owner can flexibly manage to display actual banners (if necessary). Animated and creative banners would always attract the customer’s attention and may boost sales of pointed services or objects.

The information lines on the website also provide useful news and signposting services. These text messages inform customers about ongoing promotions, possible partnerships, and other valuable notifications.

These features will increase the beneficial content of your site and help users avoid additional searching for the necessary information, which will increase traffic and sales accordingly.

3.12 Labels on Real Estate Listings

Creative real estate business will always be successful. Mark your real estate listings with colorful labels to draw the user’s attention, such as new objects, reduced prices, or maximum benefits. These labels must comply with the rules: a hot/reduced price, a special good offer, a discount, etc.

This useful tip for the Real Estate website will show that you have a “live” site with a constantly updated assortment, promotional offers, and other benefits and help improve your real estate business.

By focusing labels on exciting objects, you increase the possibility of their sale, thereby boosting sales in general.

Furthermore, this tool can be used to strengthen your brand and attract regular customers to your site. After all, the convenience of pre-sorting objects with your labels will increase your site’s number of regular customers in view of its benefits.

3.13 Integration of Online Scheduling and Google Calendar

In the dynamic Real Estate world, precise time management would optimize your working process and provide excellent results to all business participants.

In AMgrade we suggest moving forward with the Real Estate appointment scheduling. Why not make it easier and faster to arrange a meeting with a realtor or broker? Integrated Google Calendar is the feature that will help book, track, remind, and record a specific event for your customers, make calls, and add all appointments to your calendar.

A simple online process of self-booking an appointment is available 24/7. On the integrated page, clients select the service they need (viewing a property, meeting with a broker, etc.), set a date and time slot that is convenient for them, and your real estate software sends a booking confirmation to all participants in the meeting.

Example of implemented Online Scheduling

In addition, by integrating Google Calendar on the site, all events your customers have planned through your Real Estate Scheduling will automatically be reflected in their Google Calendar with reminders of the upcoming viewing or meeting with the broker.

Online scheduling allows your real estate business to reach a whole new level.

3.14 Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have already increased conversion in many Real Estate companies and helped establish their credibility.

 If you do not want to stay aside and miss this powerful marketing tool, you should implement customer reviews and ratings on your website. Testimonials on each property proposition make it more credible, and encourage new customers to write fresh thoughts, and great reviews stimulate customers in the purchasing process. So naturally, if your Real Estate website has reviews on the property, customers would stay on your site and purchase there.

Implementing the feature of customer reviews and ratings is possible through the API built into the site or by aggregating reviews and ratings from other external sources.

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3.15 Block “You Have Already Watched”

Show your users that you care for them. The block indicates what the visitor watched during the last sessions or a few minutes later can significantly improve the engagement rate and motivate users to stay longer on the website.

3.16 Block “Popular” on the Main Page

The #1 question most homeowners ask is: “What is the most popular on the market right now?”. Allow users to check the most searched properties on the website. Also, you can incorporate the section with the trends or the latest news about real estate on the main page, so the users will always be up to date with the relevant information.

It would also be helpful to show users in the “Popular” block those products and offers that are beneficial and necessary for promotion on the site. In addition, the site administrator can easily manage this block, making updating information more efficient and productive.

Example of implemented Blocks with “Popular”

Final Words

Getting more leads and closing bigger deals requires executing a disciplined marketing process. You can choose a few real estate marketing tips from this article and start implementing and testing them on your website. If you have any questions related to marketing or any other part of the real estate website development, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you with any inquiries.

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