Social Networking Platforms

Social Networking Platforms

Would you like to leverage the power of social media for your business? Whether you intend to step into the social networking segment with a brand new platform or to incorporate an existing one into your project, AMgrade's professional team is at your disposal. Worldwide or local, general or niche, web or mobile — we can handle projects of any complexity. Talk to us about your ideas, and we’ll help you to kick-start your business.

Below you’ll find several of AMgrade's customizable Social Networking solutions. Further down you’ll see specific examples of our work with clients.

Who can use it

  • Digital startups

  • Media and entertainment business
  • Local business

  • Hi-tech companies

Our Applications and Modules for Social Networking Platforms

Corporate Social Platform

If you’re an entrepreneur who seeks to increase sales, boost productivity, and innovate your business, creating a corporate social platform will help you to do all that. Social networks proved their importance a long time ago, and it’s not by chance that most corporate giants have turned to them as one of their most essential tools.

Allow AMgrade to unlock the collective power that social networks could bring to your company. Entertain new ideas and use the opportunity to brainstorm online; test marketing campaigns, and create an integrated knowledgebase. Communicate with your clients and support them in the most convenient and efficient way. Entrust the implementation of a corporate social platform to our team and you’ll see your productivity soar.

  • Build better connections between departments
  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Improve your marketing campaigns and grow sales
  • Build strong corporate relationships
Communication & Messaging

The 21st century is all about communication: boundaries are erased and nothing prevents a person or a business from establishing contacts worldwide. All you need to expand your business’s geography or contact an acquaintance at the far end of the world is a sophisticated and easy-to-use communication and messaging platform.

With modern IT technologies a communication vehicle may be turned into anything the customer wants as far as its technical features, design and functionality are concerned — opportunities are enormous. To put your ideas into effect just contact AMgrade’s experts: we bet the results will exceed your expectations.

  • Establish contacts worldwide
  • Expand business's geography
  • Send messages and communicate in the way that is convenient for you
  • Embody your ideas using modern IT
Event Registration

Webinars, workshops, conferences, networking events — if that’s something your business is doing, it’s much more efficient to register visitors online. It will allow you to manage registrations, interact with applicants using their personal contacts and get valuable feedback on the post-event stage. Event registration modules provided by AMgrade can be integrated into your own website, used on any third-party websites or function as stand-alone web forms.

To fully meet your needs, we can implement a number of additional functions: create an administration panel, organize data export, provide email and phone notifications, build custom elements such as maps, create email templates, ensure the security of the form, and more.

  • Register, manage and interact with visitors online
  • Modules can be integrated into your website and used separately
  • Many other customized elements may be added to the form
Rating system

If your aim is to stimulate user interaction and increase audience engagement, try to develop a simple, user-friendly rating system: it can be very helpful. The ability to rate a product or a service (in conjunction with commenting or reviewing systems) increases user activity, encourages feedback, and attracts new visitors.

In order to make a rating system work well and keep visitors engaged, it should be easy to use and properly integrated within the website. Talk to us: AMgrade offers the best price / quality / delivery time combination. Our solutions are efficient and will satisfy both you and your site’s visitors.

  • Increase users’ audience engagement and interaction
  • Lower the «bounce rate»
  • Make your website more user-friendly
Payment integration

If your web project involves a purchase, its success depends on a comfortable payment system. If users are not provided with an easy, user-friendly way of paying for goods, they just won’t buy them. On the other hand, a payment service that is well integrated into your site may bring in impulse buyers and international customers. It will increase your sales and leave your customers satisfied.

If the payment system is developed and integrated at a high level, it will set your website apart. On the other hand, a poor implementation may drive potential customers away. So the choice is simple: payment integration is important enough to be entrusted to an expert, like AMgrade. Talk to us, we’ll help you with advice and a well-designed implementation.

  • Increase your customer base to include international customers
  • Boost sales
  • Make the website more user-friendly and increase the conversion rate
User dashboard

A successful web site is always user-centric. It doesn't matter whether your service is visited by hundreds of thousands of users or just a few; whether it handles a very large amount of data or just a few pieces of information: it must be user-friendly and the user should feel in control.

Supply your users with a dashboard that allows them to exercise control over their profile settings, manage activity, and get help and access to analytics: it will make them feel comfortable with your site. And that is the key to a successful web project. Work with us, and AMgrade will make sure that your users are fully satisfied.

  • Must-have for web 3.0 and mobile projects
  • Let your users take full control over their profiles
  • Equip the dashboard with performance indicators and keep users engaged
Reporting & Notification System

Information flows faster and faster these days. To run a business successfully, entrepreneurs have to make split-second decisions. Reporting & notification systems help business people to achieve this near-impossible goal. Even though at first glance reporting and notification systems seem to be simple, they have a significant impact on the workflow.

AMgrade’s goal is to deliver an efficient and reliable reporting and notification system that will help management to be informed and stay on top of all projects and developments. Any result-oriented business requires such a system and we’ll build you one.

  • Prevent communication problems
  • Analyze, structure and draw conclusions from available information
  • Decrease decision-making time
Registration form

Thousands of websites and apps worldwide loose a huge amount of users and potential customers because they lack a proper registration system. On the contrary, a very much complicated registration form may cause a similar effect. Don’t make such a mistake and turn a registration form into an effective tool to attract more users and keep them engaged.

AMgrade can provide you with some top-notch web solutions. Do you need a simple and clear registration form or maybe a module with separate sign-up areas for different types of users? AMgrade can do all of that and much more for you.

  • Get your site or app equipped with an advanced registration form
  • Attract more users and keep them engaged
  • Include a call to action to get more online registrations and business leads
Data Analysis Systems

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, business forecasting has become a great challenge. It is even more difficult than usual to devise and implement efficient business strategies. This is why using data analysis systems is crucially important these days.

Data analysis systems also allow you to keep track of your company’s daily activities in real-time and to react to a changing business environment. With the help of a modern data analysis system, AMgrade experts will help you to integrate data, build efficient business operations system, improve planning, forecasting and budgeting processes, and determine the most important information affecting your performance targets. As they say, he who owns the information owns the world. Make the first step toward it.

  • Be equipped with a consistent data system
  • Plan, forecast, and manage purchases and expenses with ease
  • Control information flow
Planning & Scheduling System

The old planning and scheduling systems were inconvenient, required a lot of manual entry and in general were poorly adapted to those purposes. Fortunately, new technologies have made those services much more convenient, helping management to save time and increase productivity.

Still, we strongly believe that to ensure planning and scheduling systems work as intended, their design and development should be entrusted to the experts. AMgrade is a successful IT company with experience in this particular area; collaborating with our team will ensure that your business planning and scheduling processes run smoothly. We understand your needs: to run forecast scenarios efficiently and with ease, to balance supply and demand, optimize resources, manage data flow — AMgrade will help you with all these tasks.

  • Make planning simple and transparent
  • Set goals and succeed in achieving them
  • Forecast and turn opportunities to your advantage
  • Revise your business strategy when needed
Mobile Apps

Wireless communication devices continue conquering the world. Myriads of applications have been written, some purely entertaining, while others are changing the way we live and work. It’s impossible to imagine anybody’s smartphone or a tablet without at least several dozen applications being installed. A mobile app is the way to do business anytime anywhere, manage daily tasks, teach, listen, view, and entertain. The app’s owner may turn an app into a moneymaker, or a way of self-expression, or even a charity — no boundaries are set.

Developing a mobile app with AMgrade ensures that the result will satisfy the most demanding customer. Close collaboration with the client and deep understanding of the technology allows us to create user-friendly, competitive and successful apps.

  • Earn your place under the sun, develop a mobile app of your choosing
  • Achieve your goals using a high-tech, modern app
  • Socialize, entertain yourself, study, make money, develop your business
  • Keep up with the latest IT trends
Marketing Campaign Tracking System

Monitor the efficiency of your marketing strategies with a few clicks: compile and analyze information, adjust plans, develop profitable campaigns and quickly reject those that don’t pay off. Marketing campaign-tracking systems are aimed to simplify and accelerate this process. As a result, the entrepreneur gets an opportunity to manage market risks, cut costs, boost sales and track real-time results.

While the ideas and direction come from the customer, creating an effective marketing campaign tracking system that embodies the customer’s business needs is up to the developers. AMgrade will put at the client’s disposal not just years of experience in the IT industry, but also a team with experience in developing Campaign tracking software. If you think it’s time to improve your marketing strategy, contact AMgrade to make the first step on your path to success.

  • Increase focus on profitable marketing campaigns
  • Cut costs and boost sales
  • Track real-time data
  • Make split-second decisions to remain competitive
Email Marketing

Why is email marketing an important element of a business strategy? Because when it comes to sales, email-based special offers and newsletters still deliver the highest conversion rates of all online promotional formats. Email is not only convenient, but also the most cost-effective channel that allows you to reach existing and potential clients or partners. If you want to generate significant new leads using this channel, you will need an email marketing tool that will minimize manual work and effectively manage multiple email campaigns.

A good email marketing tool allows you to automate most steps required in an email campaign: collect and organize contacts into mailing lists, send automated welcome messages, design email templates, launch, monitor and analyze campaigns with numerous recipients, prepare performance reports and much more. AMgrade can provide you with a customized email marketing solution that will serve you needs.

  • Reach customers directly at no cost
  • Send as many custom emails as you want
  • Save time on work automation
  • Analyze performance and increase conversion rate

Experience & Cases


The Big Idea

Origondo is an online marketplace for services that can be provided online. The Origondo team decided to make the outsourcing process as efficient as possible, finding the best match between projects and experts, and in the process minimize the administrative overhead.

The website we developed for Origondo incorporates a range of features essential to such a marketplace. It enables users to post projects, search for experts, make bids, and sign contracts online. Origondo experts can create professional profiles, as well as post their CVs and portfolios. We implemented two secure payment methods, one using bank transfers and another using PayPal. The exchange rate mechanism allows for payments in different currencies.


Key features and functionality

  • Registration / login

  • Personal account page

  • Messaging

  • Job posts
  • Online contracting

  • Localization in three languages

  • Currency bar

Pharm Planet

The Big Idea

Pharm Planet is a social network geared towards pharmaceutical professionals. The objective of the Pharm Planet team was to create a platform that would allow pharma professionals to communicate, as well as look for colleagues in different cities who share their specialization, or that graduated from their school. It would allow participants to discuss new developments in their field, share opinions, and even post or look for job openings.
To implement this idea we have developed a modern social network portal. It has all the functionality envisioned by the Pharm Planet team: elaborate search, news sharing, discussion boards, and job postings. The portal also has other features of a robust social networking site, including blogging, adding friends, private messaging, and more.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration / login

  • Personal account page

  • Messaging

  • Video integration
  • Friends network and newsletter

  • Discussion boards

  • Job listings from external websites

  • Blogs