Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Are you planning to promote your own content online, or launch an entertainment service? AMgrade is ready to build your custom project from scratch, no matter how complex it is. With our expertise in building cross-platform web and mobile solutions, we can guarantee that our work will reach a wide audience, will be of the highest quality and satisfy all of your requirements.

Take a look at some of our customizable Media and Entertainments solutions. Further down you’ll see specific examples of our work with clients.

Who can use it

  • Video production companies

  • Music bands
  • Online publishers

  • Digital startups

Our Applications and Modules for Media and Entertainment

Marketing Campaign Tracking System

Monitor the efficiency of your marketing strategies with a few clicks: compile and analyze information, adjust plans, develop profitable campaigns and quickly reject those that don’t pay off. Marketing campaign-tracking systems are aimed to simplify and accelerate this process. As a result, the entrepreneur gets an opportunity to manage market risks, cut costs, boost sales and track real-time results.

While the ideas and direction come from the customer, creating an effective marketing campaign tracking system that embodies the customer’s business needs is up to the developers. AMgrade will put at the client’s disposal not just years of experience in the IT industry, but also a team with experience in developing Campaign tracking software. If you think it’s time to improve your marketing strategy, contact AMgrade to make the first step on your path to success.

  • Increase focus on profitable marketing campaigns
  • Cut costs and boost sales
  • Track real-time data
  • Make split-second decisions to remain competitive
Video / audio player

A picture is worth a thousand words — this principle works both for TV and websites; that’s why a growing number of businesses prefer to include video/audio players into the structure of their web pages. The number of benefits this step can bring is significant: the time a user spends on the page increases, the bounce rate declines, and engagement and credibility soar.

To make a video or audio player work for your website, it should be developed correctly: the player must be an integral part of the design, encourage attention but not irritate the user. A poorly designed player may actually hurt a web site. If you employ an experienced developer, such as AMgrade, you’ll minimize the risk and benefit from all the features of a well-designed, effective player can bring to your site.

  • Increase user’s engagement
  • Drop the «bounce rate»
  • Grow credibility
  • Diversify the content

If you want to provide your website with stable traffic, spread information about it, increase its credibility with the users, or even create an army of «brand advocates» — think about creating a forum. Some webmasters may think that the time when forums were effective is over, but in practice millions of website owners all over the world still reap the benefits of well-designed and developed forums.

Forums are not easy precisely because they’re so ubiquitous. Whether or not it is successful depends largely on the skill of the developer. Creating a contemporary-looking, user-friendly platform that will attract visitors is part art, part science. AMgrade has ample experience in this area; with us the development process will run smoothly and the results will allow the client to obtain visible and positive feedback.

  • Increase traffic and widen the audience
  • Gain credibility
  • Build a strong community
  • Use the forum as a monitoring tool
Event Registration

Webinars, workshops, conferences, networking events — if that’s something your business is doing, it’s much more efficient to register visitors online. It will allow you to manage registrations, interact with applicants using their personal contacts and get valuable feedback on the post-event stage. Event registration modules provided by AMgrade can be integrated into your own website, used on any third-party websites or function as stand-alone web forms.

To fully meet your needs, we can implement a number of additional functions: create an administration panel, organize data export, provide email and phone notifications, build custom elements such as maps, create email templates, ensure the security of the form, and more.

  • Register, manage and interact with visitors online
  • Modules can be integrated into your website and used separately
  • Many other customized elements may be added to the form
Social sharing

The modern web is built around communications, and lately it is predominantly about communications using social media, which continue growing at a fast pace. Many webmasters take advantage of this process, as it helps them to broaden their audience, increase the number of inbound links, get a stable traffic source, improve SEO and search ranking, create a so-called «viral loop» and so on. The potential number of social sharing benefits is very large, and with time it will only grow.

A thought-out approach to social sharing will greatly increase the chances that this strategy works, increasing awareness of your business all over the world, and recruiting new customers and «brand advocates» every day. AMgrade's team considers every customer special and always develops a unique solution based on the business’ unique aspects, such as target market and audience, product / service type, customer’s preferences, etc.

  • Erase the boundaries, grow your business
  • Boost SEO and rankings, make new pages index faster
  • Create a viral loop and get an army of «brand advocates»
  • Strengthen your social media presence
Rating system

If your aim is to stimulate user interaction and increase audience engagement, try to develop a simple, user-friendly rating system: it can be very helpful. The ability to rate a product or a service (in conjunction with commenting or reviewing systems) increases user activity, encourages feedback, and attracts new visitors.

In order to make a rating system work well and keep visitors engaged, it should be easy to use and properly integrated within the website. Talk to us: AMgrade offers the best price / quality / delivery time combination. Our solutions are efficient and will satisfy both you and your site’s visitors.

  • Increase users’ audience engagement and interaction
  • Lower the «bounce rate»
  • Make your website more user-friendly
Mobile-Friendly Website

Consider the fact that more than 70% of Internet users surf the web from their mobile devices, and that number is constantly growing. It becomes clear that a «mobile-friendly» website is a necessity, not a luxury. To add urgency, Google recently announced that it would rank «mobile-friendly» sites higher than sites that don’t run well on mobile devices. Your web project just has to work both on mobile devices, not only on desk- or laptops.

AMgrade is always ready to help when it comes to mobile, this is one of our strong points. Read our white paper on mobile sites, and then talk to us: we’ll make sure that your website works perfectly on any mobile device.

  • Reach the rapidly growing mobile segment
  • Beat the competition, meeting market requirements better than they do
  • Get a website running on any mobile device
Content management system

At the dawn of the Internet, webmasters had to get into the code in order to add or modify website content. Today it can be done with no coding thanks to Content management systems (CMS). However, a modern CMS is not only about adding / editing / removing texts, images and videos. A modern CMS is a very power tool: with a wide variety of extensions and modules, it’s easy to implement practically any custom functionality, as long as it’s subject to business rules.

AMgrade develops web projects both with a custom-built back-end and based on popular CMS. We believe that every website is unique and there’s no one-model-fits-all approach. Therefore, we’ll analyze your business needs and then suggest a solution, whether CMS-based or custom-built, that will meet your requirements.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimum of hand-coding
  • Easily customizable solutions
  • Full control over website content
Product Catalog & Taxonomy Management

Providing a website with a comprehensive, easy to navigate product information system is a prerequisite for higher conversion rates and the overall success of a project. Product catalog and taxonomy management are a way to simplify processes, categorize products and services and keep the structure of the site correlated with current product information.

Providing a website with a comprehensive, easy to navigate product information system is a prerequisite for higher conversion rates and the overall success of a project. Product catalog and taxonomy management are a way to simplify processes, categorize products and services and keep the structure of the site correlated with current product information.

  • Categorize product information
  • Make the structure clear and easy to navigate
  • Monitor customer behavior and make changes necessary to increase conversion
  • Operate a consistent data system to streamline the workflow
Customer Relationship Management System

If you want your client base grow, you need a really good customer relationship management system. The best of the CRM systems are based on the newest technologies. These solutions make business customer-centric; they help to consolidate and effectively manage customer information, simplify workflow, track all interactions with clients, and, as a result, improve your business.

AMgrade will help you to develop a CRM system that will be an invaluable business tool, serving you and your clients. With the help of a CRM, your business workflow will become more logical and transparent, and your relationship with customers will greatly improve. And of course, consumers will appreciate the attention you pay to their needs — a win-win situation.

  • Provide better service than your competitors and grow your customer base
  • Reduce redundancy and cut costs
  • Directly monitor market reaction
  • Promote your business and increase profit
Email Marketing

Why is email marketing an important element of a business strategy? Because when it comes to sales, email-based special offers and newsletters still deliver the highest conversion rates of all online promotional formats. Email is not only convenient, but also the most cost-effective channel that allows you to reach existing and potential clients or partners. If you want to generate significant new leads using this channel, you will need an email marketing tool that will minimize manual work and effectively manage multiple email campaigns.

A good email marketing tool allows you to automate most steps required in an email campaign: collect and organize contacts into mailing lists, send automated welcome messages, design email templates, launch, monitor and analyze campaigns with numerous recipients, prepare performance reports and much more. AMgrade can provide you with a customized email marketing solution that will serve you needs.

  • Reach customers directly at no cost
  • Send as many custom emails as you want
  • Save time on work automation
  • Analyze performance and increase conversion rate

Providing the audience with the valuable content is probably the most effective way to get more traffic, increase conversion, boost sales and revenues. And a well-developed online magazine is a perfect platform to furnish various types of useful information at once. Up-to-the-minute content, eye-catching, engaging multimedia together with a wide range of features your customers will enjoy.

The online magazine developed by AMgrade is not only high functionality for the customer, but also robust functionality for the webmaster. We know exactly how to make such a powerful tool easy-to-use, so you could achieve all your goals lightly and within the shortest possible time (which is of prime importance in media/entertainment industry).

  • Combine any features and capabilities within one platform
  • Widen your audience and form customer loyalty by giving your visitors what they’re looking for
  • Be one step ahead your competitors, use up-to-the-minute content to succeed
News feed

News feed is essential to bring the most up-to-date content to the audience. It can be used for both websites and mobile apps.

However, the number of benefits your project can get from the news feed development directly depends on professional skills of the technical experts you choose. AMgrade’s team will definitely find a perfect balance between the ease of use, functionality, affordability, and reasonable execution time for your project.

  • Provoke the word of mouth about your project
  • Bring up-to-date content to users
  • Increase the number of active users
Photo gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Placing a photo gallery on your entertainment website or app will definitely keep the users excited.

Want to amaze your audience with beautiful but easy-to-use photo gallery? Need a progressive solution, combining high reliability, fail-safety and flexibility? AMgrade will find the one for you. The team of passionate, dedicated professionals will put every effort for the benefit of your business.

  • Introduce your content in a favorable light
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors using state-of-the-art IT solutions
  • Focus the visitor’s attention on the information you consider important

Experience & Cases

History Squad

The Big Idea

History Squad is a company committed to injecting energy into the presentation of English history to young people. History Squad works with the education and media industries to offer engaging school workshops, guided castle tours and more. They produce short historical films («60 second histories») for TV and schools.

The main goal of History Squad is to reach a broad audience and make history exciting.

To implement their vision we've built an online web service that consists of two main parts: The History Squad and Live Experience.

The History Squad serves as a unique video-portal for short videos devoted to history. It allows viewers to watch short and exciting films about different periods of English history. It also allows teachers to create virtual classrooms, fill them with virtual video resources and invite students to watch them. Live Experience provides users with access to a sophisticated Calendar, which works in conjunction with Virtual Classrooms. The events calendar shows the dates that are already booked and lists the events booked for these dates. It allows users to request certain events on the dates that are still available. The calendar lets users navigate to previous months or book events in the following months.

Key features and functionality

  • Three classes of users: student, teacher, administrator

  • Two types of subscription: annual and free trial subscription

  • Events booking form

  • Payment options for membership purchases using of Paypal or credit cards

  • E-mail system utilizing MailChimp and inMail

  • Create a Virtual Classroom
  • Tracking functionality: the admin panel allows the Administrator to track the following: . Google Analytics . Track schools that made the contact . Track schools that use free trial and which films they watch . The number of sign ups from trial to full account . For schools that sign up for full account, track the number of invites to teachers, and teachers with accounts. Films that were watched / shared.

  • Share the Virtual Classrooms: this feature allows teachers to share their virtual classroom with other teachers or TAs so that they could use the same classroom using their own logins.

  • Content management system

The Smalls

The Big Idea

It is hard for a newcomer to succeed in the filmmaking business; it requires money, support, and most importantly, the opportunity to present one’s work to as wide an audience as possible. The Smalls is a community of independent filmmakers whose goal is to support young artists.

The idea behind the community’s website was to provide young filmmakers with the space were they could showcase their work, connect with their peers, and look for commercial opportunities and sponsors.

The website that we created for The Smalls is an online platform that makes it all possible. It allows filmmakers to display their videos; it has an active online community of 10,000 members, and a «Pitch Room» for commercial opportunities. It has a quality integrated video player and all necessary modules to make the watching process easy and comfortable. The design and structure that we've chosen for the website highlights the artistic nature of the project. The site allows easy video uploads and can store a large amount of video files.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration / Login

  • Customized Video player

  • Comments

  • News signup
  • Search bar

  • Personal account page

  • Social Media integration


The Big Idea

Andipa Gallery is a leading international dealer in Modern and Contemporary Art since 1967. It is amongst London’s most established commercial galleries with a large and ever-changing collection of wholly-owned artwork.

Andipa Gallery decided to set up an online art gallery, thus making its art accessible to more people. Andipa expected that once the art lovers see online the extensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and rare signed prints from the collection, they’ll want to visit the gallery in real life.

In order to implement this idea, we have created a website that provides access to artists represented by the gallery, the extensive inventory of paintings and other art, a calendar of local and international exhibitions and events, and different art publications. The subscription to the site allows users to receive the lastest updates about new art represented at Andipa and upcoming events. The Private Room allows subscribers to save memorable art for later viewing.

Key features and functionality

  • Sign Up

  • Subscription

  • Social media integration
  • Private Room

  • Search

  • Google map integration


The Big Idea

The British charity ADOT Foundation strongly believes that the homeless and handicapped often suffer because people identify them as different. The ADOT project was started in order to support other charities and NGOs working with disenfranchised groups. One of the goals of the project was to increase awareness of prejudices and indifference, and, through the participation in the project, help people to fight discrimination and injustice. To achieve this goal, our team has built a website that clearly delivers this
message, and displays news and all necessary information on how to join and support the project. A minimalist but user-friendly design doesn't distract from the content. For ADOT supporters we also integrated an online fan shop, where purchases could be made using PayPal.

Key features and functionality

  • Social Media buttons

  • Shopping Cart

  • PayPal integration

  • YouTube integration
  • Picture Gallery with downloading and sharing functionality

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Twitter and Facebook news integration


The Big Idea

Skansen is a famous open-air museum, the first one of the kind in the world. It exhibits five centuries of Swedish history and offers visitors a range of interesting entertainment options such as authentic festivals, shopping, tours, and even a zoo.

For such an institution it’s vital to maintain communications with its donors and supporters, and keep visitors informed of new events and developments. The Internet is clearly the way to maintain efficient communications.

The website created for Skansen is an attractive virtual representation of the museum which functions in ten major languages. A high-quality design and well-selected pictures make the website user-friendly and memorable. The map helps visitors easily get around. The site features an events calendar, a newsletter and a picture gallery. There are also some modern «must-have» features, such as integrated social media and a built-in search tool to simplifying navigation around the site.

Key features and functionality

  • Localization for 10 languages

  • News calendar

  • Google maps integration
  • Social Media integration

  • Search tool

  • YouTube videos integration

African Diaspora Marketplace

The Big Idea

The African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM), the join initiative of the United States Agency for International Development and Western Union, aims to encourage sustainable economic growth and employment by supporting African diaspora entrepreneurs.

As any social project, ADM requires an online presence to disseminate information about the program, attract participants and present activities to a wide circle of interested parties.

The website developed for ADM is a good example of a web solution for a governmental project that is sustained by federal grants and other financial programs. Visitors can find general information about the project, apply for financial aid, and get news and information about relevant events. The design of the website is simple and clear, in line with the project's identity. All information is well structured, so that it can be presented transparently and accurately.

Key features and functionality

  • Online application form integration

  • YouTube videos integration

  • Twitter news integration
  • Social media buttons

  • Internal microsite for participants

  • Extensive newsletter

My Montreux

The Big Idea

Every city has its distinctive lifestyle, popular attractions, authentic stores and restaurants, and cultural attractions, but the Swiss city of Montreux has all of it in abundance.

In the age of the Internet, every city should have an online presence to keep the residents and tourists informed of what is happening in the city, about its history, culture, art, cuisine, festivals — everything that makes a modern city like Montreux such an attractive place. My Montreux was conceived to promote this beautiful city, especially its tourist and entertaining sector.

The bilingual (French and English) website was developed to address the city’s requirements.  The site features social media news and city maps to help visitors find their way around Montreux. Certain hotels, restaurants and events are featured on the front page. The site also has a newsletter, focusing on current events, and blogs with information about the city. The mobile version of the site connects it with a wider audience.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration / Login

  • Social Media integration

  • Google Maps

  • Newsletter
  • Localization in two languages

  • Fast access navigation

  • Sending direct message through contact form


The Big Idea

Greater Moscow, with a population of 18 million, is a city of great history and rich culture. There’s so much going on that even the locals may get lost in the entertainment and cultural offerings; it’s even more difficult for tourists to find their way among the plethora of events.

The basic idea of Afisha was to create a website that would categorize current events and city attractions in such a way as to enable visitors to explore various options without being lost in all the concerts, fairs, exhibitions, tourist routes, restaurants and sports the city has to offer.

We developed a website that displays announcements, a calendar of events, ads and newsletters that let users know what’s happening in the greater Moscow region. The user-friendly site with a minimalist design allows users to focus on the content. It incorporates a search tool for easy navigation and a fast interactive map that helps visitors plan a trip, find the nearest attraction, and follow popular tourist routes.


Key features and functionality

  • Registration / Login

  • Social Media integration

  • Google Maps
  • Fast access navigation

  • Message / contact form

  • Events calendar