Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems

Business process automation is a critical issue for companies and organizations, regardless of their size. In today’s competitive environment, it’s highly important to minimize any manual input, streamline information flow, analyze big data, manage multiple real-time activities and integrate them with the business knowledge base. Enterprise systems help solve these issues. Whether it’s marketing, sales, finance, accounting, human resources, supply chain or any other specific activity, AMgrade is able to provide a comprehensive solution your business can rely on and achieve exceptional competitive performance.

Below you’ll find several of AMgrade's customizable Enterprise solutions. Further down you’ll see specific examples of our work with clients.

Who can use it

  • Corporate business

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Government services and non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Public utilities and transportation providers

  • Educational and health care institutions

  • Research and development centers

Our Applications and Modules for Enterprise Systems

Document Workflow

Whether you own a small local business or a large corporation, you have to optimize document workflow in order to insure that all work processes run seamlessly. To avoid inefficient operations and wasted time, think about upgrading your document workflow system.

Work with AMgrade to design a productive system that manages your business-critical information. Our team will ensure a thought-through, comprehensive approach to document workflow optimization. In the end you will improve productivity, achieve control over all business processes, reduce costs and time, and simplify the way you monitor and rout information flow.

  • Control your document workflow
  • Be a time and money saver
  • Get rid of unnecessary paperwork
  • Enjoy smoothly running business
SaaS Project

These days, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a mainstream product model, winning an ever-larger market share. Unlike downloadable software, it runs in a web browser, so users can access all software features anywhere and anytime. If one of your core business goals is to deliver high-end software products to your customers and do it efficiently, then turn them into a SaaS.

If you have an idea for an interesting service, our team of highly professional software developers would like to work with you on its implementation. SaaS is clearly a model we would recommend. Contact us to develop a cost-effective, high-quality web application that will put your business on a new plane and increase your market reach.

  • Your customers will be able to access the software anywhere and anytime
  • The most popular product model on the market nowadays
  • Get a cost-effective and high-quality solution
Cloud computing

Storing and processing data just on one device is a thing of the past. The future belongs to innovations, such as cloud computing. Cloud computing provides easy and secure global web access to all your data, and to all required computing resources and services that may be necessary to support your business. Cloud computing eliminates the need for a costly and complex IT infrastructure. The only requirement is for you to have a stable Internet connection.

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is a chance to save on the cost of hardware and software. Scalability and security also matter a great deal. Cloud computing will keep your web-projects up-and-running regardless of external conditions. AMgrade stands ready to use all the advantages of cloud computing for the benefit of our customers. Our team will supply you with the most efficient solution, deploy the model and provide all services to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Run your business wherever you are
  • Save costs on IT infrastructure
  • Streamline data processing
  • Secure yourself against the loss of data and unauthorized access
Data Analysis Systems

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, business forecasting has become a great challenge. It is even more difficult than usual to devise and implement efficient business strategies. This is why using data analysis systems is crucially important these days.

Data analysis systems also allow you to keep track of your company’s daily activities in real-time and to react to a changing business environment. With the help of a modern data analysis system, AMgrade experts will help you to integrate data, build efficient business operations system, improve planning, forecasting and budgeting processes, and determine the most important information affecting your performance targets. As they say, he who owns the information owns the world. Make the first step toward it.

  • Be equipped with a consistent data system
  • Plan, forecast, and manage purchases and expenses with ease
  • Control information flow
Corporate Social Platform

If you’re an entrepreneur who seeks to increase sales, boost productivity, and innovate your business, creating a corporate social platform will help you to do all that. Social networks proved their importance a long time ago, and it’s not by chance that most corporate giants have turned to them as one of their most essential tools.

Allow AMgrade to unlock the collective power that social networks could bring to your company. Entertain new ideas and use the opportunity to brainstorm online; test marketing campaigns, and create an integrated knowledgebase. Communicate with your clients and support them in the most convenient and efficient way. Entrust the implementation of a corporate social platform to our team and you’ll see your productivity soar.

  • Build better connections between departments
  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Improve your marketing campaigns and grow sales
  • Build strong corporate relationships
Logistics & Warehousing

When organizing business workflow, logistics and warehousing play an essential part. Without a good logistics system, it’s impossible to efficiently run your business. Logistics also affect customer service; they allow management to forecast, and devise competitive strategies and growth plans. The globalization of modern business only increases the importance of efficient logistics processes.

If your business needs help in getting a logistics and warehousing system up and running, contact AMgrade: we’ll help you get it going as fast as possible. Your enterprise will receive an efficient, well-run logistics process and accurate supply chain. Working together, using your subject matter expertise and our knowledge of business and technology, we’ll create a strategic and competitive foundation for your business.

  • Optimize the workflow and cut costs
  • Fulfill consumer demand and expand your customer base
  • Extend the geographic reach
  • Stand to benefit from the far-sighted resources use
Planning & Scheduling System

The old planning and scheduling systems were inconvenient, required a lot of manual entry and in general were poorly adapted to those purposes. Fortunately, new technologies have made those services much more convenient, helping management to save time and increase productivity.

Still, we strongly believe that to ensure planning and scheduling systems work as intended, their design and development should be entrusted to the experts. AMgrade is a successful IT company with experience in this particular area; collaborating with our team will ensure that your business planning and scheduling processes run smoothly. We understand your needs: to run forecast scenarios efficiently and with ease, to balance supply and demand, optimize resources, manage data flow — AMgrade will help you with all these tasks.

  • Make planning simple and transparent
  • Set goals and succeed in achieving them
  • Forecast and turn opportunities to your advantage
  • Revise your business strategy when needed
Reporting & Notification System

Information flows faster and faster these days. To run a business successfully, entrepreneurs have to make split-second decisions. Reporting & notification systems help business people to achieve this near-impossible goal. Even though at first glance reporting and notification systems seem to be simple, they have a significant impact on the workflow.

AMgrade’s goal is to deliver an efficient and reliable reporting and notification system that will help management to be informed and stay on top of all projects and developments. Any result-oriented business requires such a system and we’ll build you one.

  • Prevent communication problems
  • Analyze, structure and draw conclusions from available information
  • Decrease decision-making time
Communication & Messaging

The 21st century is all about communication: boundaries are erased and nothing prevents a person or a business from establishing contacts worldwide. All you need to expand your business’s geography or contact an acquaintance at the far end of the world is a sophisticated and easy-to-use communication and messaging platform.

With modern IT technologies a communication vehicle may be turned into anything the customer wants as far as its technical features, design and functionality are concerned — opportunities are enormous. To put your ideas into effect just contact AMgrade’s experts: we bet the results will exceed your expectations.

  • Establish contacts worldwide
  • Expand business's geography
  • Send messages and communicate in the way that is convenient for you
  • Embody your ideas using modern IT
Customer Relationship Management System

If you want your client base grow, you need a really good customer relationship management system. The best of the CRM systems are based on the newest technologies. These solutions make business customer-centric; they help to consolidate and effectively manage customer information, simplify workflow, track all interactions with clients, and, as a result, improve your business.

AMgrade will help you to develop a CRM system that will be an invaluable business tool, serving you and your clients. With the help of a CRM, your business workflow will become more logical and transparent, and your relationship with customers will greatly improve. And of course, consumers will appreciate the attention you pay to their needs — a win-win situation.

  • Provide better service than your competitors and grow your customer base
  • Reduce redundancy and cut costs
  • Directly monitor market reaction
  • Promote your business and increase profit
User dashboard

A successful web site is always user-centric. It doesn't matter whether your service is visited by hundreds of thousands of users or just a few; whether it handles a very large amount of data or just a few pieces of information: it must be user-friendly and the user should feel in control.

Supply your users with a dashboard that allows them to exercise control over their profile settings, manage activity, and get help and access to analytics: it will make them feel comfortable with your site. And that is the key to a successful web project. Work with us, and AMgrade will make sure that your users are fully satisfied.

  • Must-have for web 3.0 and mobile projects
  • Let your users take full control over their profiles
  • Equip the dashboard with performance indicators and keep users engaged
Admin panel

Developing an easy-to-use admin panel is very important to any IT project. It should be simple, sharp and clean; only then will it be useful to an Administrator in managing the site and establishing efficient workflow. Make all necessary modifications, simplify web content management, administer payment options – all these functions and much more can be done quickly and efficiently with an advanced admin panel — or they can be a chore with a bad one.

Searching for a perfect solution that will meet a webmaster’s expectations isn’t easy, so experience in managing and administering multiple web sites comes in handy. We at AMgrade have such experience; we’re also customer-centric: talk to us, and we’ll help you with an Admin panel and many other issues.

  • Manage your web project with ease
  • Save time on site management
  • Make all necessary modifications instantly
  • Get your admin panel customized the way you want

Experience & Cases

One Hour Translation

The Big Idea

Today, access to remote online services has become essential for many businesses. In the world of multinational trade, translation is one of the most popular jobs performed online. One Hour Translation is a team of hundreds of professional translators and interpreters located in different countries all over the world. Their idea was to make the entire translation process seamless, from ordering the service to distributing the translated texts; they also decided that it would be more efficient on the Web.
The result is the OHT website, a high-quality online service which allows clients to order, pay for and receive quality translation services. The site’s modules facilitate the upload of original texts in various formats, allow users to calculate the price before ordering the service and pay for the service using different types of popular electronic payment systems. Once the translation is done, the site helps users to download translated texts directly from their accounts. The site has several other interesting features, such as free automatic machine translation and a word counter. In addition, the site includes several standard but helpful features: a newsletter, forum, blog and Social Media links.

Key features and functionality

  • Login / register

  • Online machine translation

  • Support of various files formats for uploading

  • Price calculator
  • Online word counter

  • Social media integration

  • Online chat


The Big Idea

EMIAS is an integrated medical information and analytical project. It was conceived by the City of Moscow municipal authorities as a way to improve the quality and accessibility of medical services. The main objective of the program is to provide the public with better access to medical personnel at outpatient medical centers. The idea is two-fold: on the one hand, to create a service that would help city authorities to plan and better utilize limited medical resources; on the other, to enable patients to easily find a doctor, make an appointment, and submit a form using virtually any device, from computers to tablets to mobile phones.
The user-friendly, easy-to-use interface allows visitors to make appointments, search and locate clinics, acquire medical records and even monitor vital statistics online. In addition, visitors can receive information about new features offered by the program, which serves as a hub for medical news in the city. The up-to-date technology, which we used to build the service, allows the site to work on various operating systems and devices. This, in turn, allows visitors to access information using any means they like.

Key features and functionality

  • Login / register

  • Create an appointment online

  • Virtual medical records

  • Clinics location

  • Integration with various internet devices and operating systems
  • Chat window

  • Additional mobile applications

  • Charts

  • SlideShare integration

  • Video integration

  • Social media integration