E-commerce and Online Stores

E-commerce and Online Stores

Is your business online? The development of digital space keeps accelerating, so not being left behind is essential to adopting new technologies: they bring capabilities not available even yesterday. At AMgrade, we specialize in on-demand e-commerce and online shopping solutions, which we develop consistent with your specific business needs. If you want to embrace the power of e-commerce to boost sales for your products or services, invest in a customized, modern e-commerce website with us.

Below you’ll find several of AMgrade's customizable e-commerce solutions. Further down you’ll see specific examples of our work with clients.

Who can use it

  • Retail business

  • Logistics & supply chain

  • Online publishers
  • Internet marketers

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • Digital startups

Our Applications and Modules for E-commerce and Online Stores

Online Store

Creating an online store can be a very enticing strategy both for a start-up and a mature business. And here’s why: potentially large customer base, practically unlimited geographic reach, low overhead, possibility of staying in touch with the client 24 / 7, small theft risk, ability to monitor customers’ behavior — the benefits and possibilities of e-commerce are very large indeed. Giving up on these opportunities means missing out on huge potential gains.

As tempting as this opportunity is in theory, in practice only a well-implemented project has a chance to survive and generate profit. Therefore, it’s very important to carefully choose the right team of developers. AMgrade stands ready to help customers who want their ideas to be implemented on the web, and we’ll do it using the latest and best technologies available. We run all our projects in a client-centric and transparent way and we think you’ll enjoy working with us.

  • Eliminate the physical constraints of a brick-and-mortar shop and let your business grow
  • Analyze customers’ needs and manage them accordingly
  • Get a source of stable income
  • Remain competitive and outperform rivals

Booking can be an important feature on many sites. It could be a hotel or restaurant reservation, an airline ticket, car rental, theater or concert ticket, a doctor’s appointment, seat reservation for a seminar, or any other appointment requiring a booking form. Providing your customers with useful functionality is the only way to keep your business growing.

If you need to select and implement the appropriate set of booking tools that will suit your website the best, feel free to contact AMgrade. Our team of skilled experts will analyze your business needs and provide you with an appropriate solution. To select and implement the appropriate set of booking tools, which will suit your website in the best way, feel free to contact AMgrade. The team of high-skilled experts will delve all your business needs and provide you with a solution able to cover all the bases.

  • Attract new visitors
  • Increase your website’s functionality in line with your customers’ needs
  • Make your website more competitive by offering useful services your rivals are missing
Accounting & Billing

Any successful business depends on proper accounting and billing, and setting up these processes correctly is essential. The problem is as simple as it is important: if you don’t know how efficient your company is, you’re in danger of losing control of your business. The only solution is to rethink and redesign your accounting and billing policies before it’s too late.

AMgrade’s goal is to provide your business with a transparent, powerful and user-friendly accounting and billing system, a system that would allow you to plan and execute your boldest strategies with minimal risk. AMgrade’s solution will be comprehensive; it will improve data sharing, make it easier for various departments to work with each other and simplify all tax-related activities. And, being error-free, it will improve your relations with customers. Thanks to our understanding of business and comprehensive knowledge of web technologies, we’ll make your accounting and billing workflow run like clockwork.

  • Guard yourself against fines and penalty tax
  • Avoid settlement disruption
  • Assure your business strategy success
  • Build the financial capability

If you own an online store or run an e-commerce business, providing your website with a comfortable shipping module is a must: after all, that’s what your customers expect from you. And, if you decide to improve and redesign your shipping system, you’ll also have a chance to streamline the process and increase the efficiency of your entire business.

Selecting a shipping system that will perfectly match your business needs is not easy. AMgrade has all the qualifications you are looking for: many years of relevant experience, leading-edge technology solutions, and a team of highly skilled professionals. If you want to satisfy every need customers might have, go with AMgrade and your website will get a powerful and easy-to-customize shipping system.

  • Extend functionality to better satisfy your customers’ requirements
  • Increase the profit
  • Streamline the shipping process and take more control over it
Payment integration

If your web project involves a purchase, its success depends on a comfortable payment system. If users are not provided with an easy, user-friendly way of paying for goods, they just won’t buy them. On the other hand, a payment service that is well integrated into your site may bring in impulse buyers and international customers. It will increase your sales and leave your customers satisfied.

If the payment system is developed and integrated at a high level, it will set your website apart. On the other hand, a poor implementation may drive potential customers away. So the choice is simple: payment integration is important enough to be entrusted to an expert, like AMgrade. Talk to us, we’ll help you with advice and a well-designed implementation.

  • Increase your customer base to include international customers
  • Boost sales
  • Make the website more user-friendly and increase the conversion rate
Data Analysis Systems

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, business forecasting has become a great challenge. It is even more difficult than usual to devise and implement efficient business strategies. This is why using data analysis systems is crucially important these days.

Data analysis systems also allow you to keep track of your company’s daily activities in real-time and to react to a changing business environment. With the help of a modern data analysis system, AMgrade experts will help you to integrate data, build efficient business operations system, improve planning, forecasting and budgeting processes, and determine the most important information affecting your performance targets. As they say, he who owns the information owns the world. Make the first step toward it.

  • Be equipped with a consistent data system
  • Plan, forecast, and manage purchases and expenses with ease
  • Control information flow
Marketing Campaign Tracking System

Monitor the efficiency of your marketing strategies with a few clicks: compile and analyze information, adjust plans, develop profitable campaigns and quickly reject those that don’t pay off. Marketing campaign-tracking systems are aimed to simplify and accelerate this process. As a result, the entrepreneur gets an opportunity to manage market risks, cut costs, boost sales and track real-time results.

While the ideas and direction come from the customer, creating an effective marketing campaign tracking system that embodies the customer’s business needs is up to the developers. AMgrade will put at the client’s disposal not just years of experience in the IT industry, but also a team with experience in developing Campaign tracking software. If you think it’s time to improve your marketing strategy, contact AMgrade to make the first step on your path to success.

  • Increase focus on profitable marketing campaigns
  • Cut costs and boost sales
  • Track real-time data
  • Make split-second decisions to remain competitive
Customer Relationship Management System

If you want your client base grow, you need a really good customer relationship management system. The best of the CRM systems are based on the newest technologies. These solutions make business customer-centric; they help to consolidate and effectively manage customer information, simplify workflow, track all interactions with clients, and, as a result, improve your business.

AMgrade will help you to develop a CRM system that will be an invaluable business tool, serving you and your clients. With the help of a CRM, your business workflow will become more logical and transparent, and your relationship with customers will greatly improve. And of course, consumers will appreciate the attention you pay to their needs — a win-win situation.

  • Provide better service than your competitors and grow your customer base
  • Reduce redundancy and cut costs
  • Directly monitor market reaction
  • Promote your business and increase profit
Product Landing Page

A well-designed landing page is an effective tool that could help to motivate your customers to purchase a product or service you are promoting online. A landing page is a simple concept, but to work, every detail has to be properly designed in order to give you a conversion boost and increased sales.

We at AMgrade have been creating product landing pages for more than five years and have amassed unique experience while providing a customized approach to every client. Simple and elegant, prominently branded product landing pages developed by AMgrade focus the customer’s attention and help your sales grow.

  • Boost conversion rates and grow sales
  • Increase the audience’s interest in your products or services
  • Induce users to act
Product Catalog & Taxonomy Management

Providing a website with a comprehensive, easy to navigate product information system is a prerequisite for higher conversion rates and the overall success of a project. Product catalog and taxonomy management are a way to simplify processes, categorize products and services and keep the structure of the site correlated with current product information.

Providing a website with a comprehensive, easy to navigate product information system is a prerequisite for higher conversion rates and the overall success of a project. Product catalog and taxonomy management are a way to simplify processes, categorize products and services and keep the structure of the site correlated with current product information.

  • Categorize product information
  • Make the structure clear and easy to navigate
  • Monitor customer behavior and make changes necessary to increase conversion
  • Operate a consistent data system to streamline the workflow
Email Marketing

Why is email marketing an important element of a business strategy? Because when it comes to sales, email-based special offers and newsletters still deliver the highest conversion rates of all online promotional formats. Email is not only convenient, but also the most cost-effective channel that allows you to reach existing and potential clients or partners. If you want to generate significant new leads using this channel, you will need an email marketing tool that will minimize manual work and effectively manage multiple email campaigns.

A good email marketing tool allows you to automate most steps required in an email campaign: collect and organize contacts into mailing lists, send automated welcome messages, design email templates, launch, monitor and analyze campaigns with numerous recipients, prepare performance reports and much more. AMgrade can provide you with a customized email marketing solution that will serve you needs.

  • Reach customers directly at no cost
  • Send as many custom emails as you want
  • Save time on work automation
  • Analyze performance and increase conversion rate
Live Chat

There’s an old maxim that only 3% of a website’s visitors take any kind of actions online, while the other 97% leave the page with no interaction. Live chat is an efficient way to solve this problem and increase the number of active users. This approach works in different applications: e-commerce sites, online stores and social networks, and also media and entertainment platforms.

If you own an online store, live chat will increase sales, as the users will get knowledgeable assistance in a situation when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. And for entertainment portals, it’s a way to amuse users and diversify the content. In each case, developing a user-friendly live chat can make a webpage more competitive and interesting. Stay connected to your audience, get feedback, and improve service: all this will help you to stay on top.

  • Increase sales while cutting phone support costs
  • Entertain your visitors and widen the number of communication modes
  • Monitor users’ activity and stay in touch with them
Reporting & Notification System

Information flows faster and faster these days. To run a business successfully, entrepreneurs have to make split-second decisions. Reporting & notification systems help business people to achieve this near-impossible goal. Even though at first glance reporting and notification systems seem to be simple, they have a significant impact on the workflow.

AMgrade’s goal is to deliver an efficient and reliable reporting and notification system that will help management to be informed and stay on top of all projects and developments. Any result-oriented business requires such a system and we’ll build you one.

  • Prevent communication problems
  • Analyze, structure and draw conclusions from available information
  • Decrease decision-making time
Mobile Apps

Wireless communication devices continue conquering the world. Myriads of applications have been written, some purely entertaining, while others are changing the way we live and work. It’s impossible to imagine anybody’s smartphone or a tablet without at least several dozen applications being installed. A mobile app is the way to do business anytime anywhere, manage daily tasks, teach, listen, view, and entertain. The app’s owner may turn an app into a moneymaker, or a way of self-expression, or even a charity — no boundaries are set.

Developing a mobile app with AMgrade ensures that the result will satisfy the most demanding customer. Close collaboration with the client and deep understanding of the technology allows us to create user-friendly, competitive and successful apps.

  • Earn your place under the sun, develop a mobile app of your choosing
  • Achieve your goals using a high-tech, modern app
  • Socialize, entertain yourself, study, make money, develop your business
  • Keep up with the latest IT trends
User dashboard

A successful web site is always user-centric. It doesn't matter whether your service is visited by hundreds of thousands of users or just a few; whether it handles a very large amount of data or just a few pieces of information: it must be user-friendly and the user should feel in control.

Supply your users with a dashboard that allows them to exercise control over their profile settings, manage activity, and get help and access to analytics: it will make them feel comfortable with your site. And that is the key to a successful web project. Work with us, and AMgrade will make sure that your users are fully satisfied.

  • Must-have for web 3.0 and mobile projects
  • Let your users take full control over their profiles
  • Equip the dashboard with performance indicators and keep users engaged
Admin panel

Developing an easy-to-use admin panel is very important to any IT project. It should be simple, sharp and clean; only then will it be useful to an Administrator in managing the site and establishing efficient workflow. Make all necessary modifications, simplify web content management, administer payment options – all these functions and much more can be done quickly and efficiently with an advanced admin panel — or they can be a chore with a bad one.

Searching for a perfect solution that will meet a webmaster’s expectations isn’t easy, so experience in managing and administering multiple web sites comes in handy. We at AMgrade have such experience; we’re also customer-centric: talk to us, and we’ll help you with an Admin panel and many other issues.

  • Manage your web project with ease
  • Save time on site management
  • Make all necessary modifications instantly
  • Get your admin panel customized the way you want
Mobile-Friendly Website

Consider the fact that more than 70% of Internet users surf the web from their mobile devices, and that number is constantly growing. It becomes clear that a «mobile-friendly» website is a necessity, not a luxury. To add urgency, Google recently announced that it would rank «mobile-friendly» sites higher than sites that don’t run well on mobile devices. Your web project just has to work both on mobile devices, not only on desk- or laptops.

AMgrade is always ready to help when it comes to mobile, this is one of our strong points. Read our white paper on mobile sites, and then talk to us: we’ll make sure that your website works perfectly on any mobile device.

  • Reach the rapidly growing mobile segment
  • Beat the competition, meeting market requirements better than they do
  • Get a website running on any mobile device

Once you’ve got a website, a solid and reliable security system is what you should care about first and foremost. This means not only hardware integrity, but also to network, data and user security. If the website is easy to hack, it will lose credibility and might even create legal problems.

AMgrade is always ready to provide its customers with a multilevel security audit, allowing the detection and elimination of possible breaches and flaws. Passwords and software installation, access control and packet filtering, intrusion detection systems — when it comes to security every detail matters and our experts won’t miss anything while building an efficient, comprehensive up-to-date security system able to guarantee your project’s stability.

  • Early detection and prevention of security problems allows cutting expenses on maintenance
  • A website cannot be profitable it is not secure
  • Regular security audit is a precondition for an uninterrupted functioning of a web project
  • Get your website protected at all levels
Content management system

At the dawn of the Internet, webmasters had to get into the code in order to add or modify website content. Today it can be done with no coding thanks to Content management systems (CMS). However, a modern CMS is not only about adding / editing / removing texts, images and videos. A modern CMS is a very power tool: with a wide variety of extensions and modules, it’s easy to implement practically any custom functionality, as long as it’s subject to business rules.

AMgrade develops web projects both with a custom-built back-end and based on popular CMS. We believe that every website is unique and there’s no one-model-fits-all approach. Therefore, we’ll analyze your business needs and then suggest a solution, whether CMS-based or custom-built, that will meet your requirements.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimum of hand-coding
  • Easily customizable solutions
  • Full control over website content
Automatic backup system

At the dawn of the Internet, webmasters had to get into the code in order to add or modify website content. Today it can be done with no coding thanks to Content management systems (CMS). However, a modern CMS is not only about adding / editing / removing texts, images and videos. A modern CMS is a very power tool: with a wide variety of extensions and modules, it’s easy to implement practically any custom functionality, as long as it’s subject to business rules.

AMgrade develops web projects both with a custom-built back-end and based on popular CMS. We believe that every website is unique and there’s no one-model-fits-all approach. Therefore, we’ll analyze your business needs and then suggest a solution, whether CMS-based or custom-built, that will meet your requirements.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimum of hand-coding
  • Easily customizable solutions
  • Full control over website content

Experience & Cases


The Big Idea

Like all modern businesses, the fashion industry has turned to the Internet, and online clothing stores have rapidly gained in popularity. The objective of Waremakers was to develop a site that would combine the features of an online marketplace and a fashion magazine. 
For Waremakers, we created a website that is one part online magazine and one part web store. It features fashion articles, reviews, and advertising, while at the same time offering online catalogues, a shopping cart, and other attributes of a robust eCommerce site. Its functionality also includes a registration system for buyers and sellers, an integrated online payment system and some additional features, such as social media links and even a currency rates converter.

Key features and functionality

  • Ability to post products

  • Online payment system

  • Visa and Master Card integration
  • Registration systems

  • Internal waremakers system

  • Shipping

Buy A Barcode + The barcode registry

The Big Idea

These days, every manufacturer uses global barcodes to register their products. In the past, acquiring a barcode was a complicated and time-consuming process. The idea behind Buyabarcode.com was to create an online service that would greatly simplify the process and also make it more affordable. Consequently, the goal of the project was to create a streamlined online shop that would provide companies around the world with an opportunity to buy and register bar codes easily and quickly.
Two sister sites (Buyabarcode.com and Thebarcoderegistry.com) were created to realize this idea. The first website contains an online store, which makes purchasing barcodes as simple as any shopping on the Net. The second website is an additional eCommerce solution that automatically registers the product within an appropriate category and places the barcode into a virtual database.  Since being established, Buyabarcode.com has helped more than 100,000 customers bring their products to market.

Key features and functionality

  • Generating of two-dimensional QR-codes

  • Payment systems integration

  • Register / login

  • Video integration
  • Social Media integration

  • Blog integration

  • Shopping cart

Perlen Poesie

The Big Idea

Perlen Poesie is a European quarterly magazine specializing in amazing bead-weaving projects. The magazine is ideal for intermediate and advanced bead craftsmen. The publishing company wanted to make information about the art of beading — tutorials, courses, trends, artist profiles, news, and history of bead weaving — more accessible to a larger audience.
The online platform is designed to present information conveniently and elegantly. Users can browse the current issue of the magazine, study new trends in the art of beadwork, read about the artists and receive information on upcoming workshops and courses. The site has detailed descriptions of all previous issues and offers an option to buy any of them. Visitors can access galleries of other readers’ artwork, instructions from the pros, and, if they wish, participate in competitions.

Key features and functionality

  • Register / login

  • Social media integration

  • Shopping cart
  • Subscription

  • Localization for 2 languages

  • Integrated payment system


The Big Idea

Falck is a company whose activities are directed toward prevention and effective reaction to accidents and emergency situations. It offers a wide range of services and solutions for car accidents, fires, health emergencies, chemical hazards and other similar events. Falck’s customers are public institutions, businesses and individual customers. The Falck's team decided that an online tool could simplify the process of purchasing their service, while offering new benefits to its existing customers and attracting new ones.

Our team has developed a website that meets all the requirements of the customer. Its design is conspicuous and calls to action. A well thought-out, logical structure makes navigation easy and user-friendly. The site’s functionality allows users to explore features of different service plans and then purchase them right there on the web site. Different electronic payment processing systems offer customers a broad choice.

Key features and functionality

  • Online cart

  • Sub-domain websites

  • Payment systems integration

  • Registration / log in
  • YouTube and Facebook integration

  • Search bar

  • Location search bar

  • Google Maps integration

SSL Rack

The Big Idea

Personal data security is one of the main challenges of any modern internet business. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technological tool that is typically used when a company is transmitting sensitive information on a website, such as credit card numbers, personal information, logins and other data. The idea the SSL Rack team had was to produce a service that would enable companies to buy certificates online and simplify the purchasing process as much as possible.
To implement this idea we created a professional eCommerce website with an electronic store where customers could buy SSL Certificates using different popular electronic payment systems. Flexible pricing options allow visitors to choose solutions that are appropriate for their business. The design of the site is user-friendly, and the company's online identity accurately reflects the character of its services.

Key features and functionality

  • Automatic Certificate generating system

  • Online purchasing system

  • Certificate status check

  • Register / Login
  • Social Media buttons

  • Search tool

  • Slider

  • Payment systems integration

Student Money Saver

The Big Idea

Even though students have limited purchasing power, they are a coveted marketing category; that’s why many so many companies offer them discounts and promotions. The people behind Student Money Saver (SMS) had an idea to create an online marketplace where students could find special deals, including free offers, from a variety of businesses, such as local stores, travel agencies, restaurants and many others.

To implement this idea, our team created a website that enables companies to place their offers, and students to find information that could help them to save money on a wide variety of products and services. One of the main features of the website is a customized forwarding system that connects Studentmoneysaver.com with partnering online stores and sister sites. The website contains volumes of information and is designed to process a large number of visitors and transactions a day.

Key features and functionality

  • Login / register

  • Notifications system

  • Social Media integration
  • Search bar

  • Custom forwarding system

  • Blog integration


The Big Idea

There are many printing businesses around. The niche of Jeton is design and T-shirt printing. The idea that differentiates Jeton from other similar companies is their offer to design your own T-shirt and order it online.

To make it work, we developed an interactive eCommerce website. Its functionality allows visitors to design personal T-shirts online by combining various elements or by uploading their own pictures for printing. The site incorporates an online cart and integrates several payment options. A well-designed and well-structured layout makes the website user-friendly and bright.

Key features and functionality

  • Shopping Cart

  • Modules allowing users to create and edit personal design of T-shirts

  • Webmoney integration

  • VISA / Mastercard integration
  • Chatting panel

  • Sign up / Login

  • Currency rates

  • Social Media integration