Business and Product Pages

Business and Product Pages

Successful websites don’t happen by chance. While building your company’s presence on the web, we’ll leverage the entire package of skills and techniques in our arsenal and create an attractive, high-quality solution. Our proven formula is simple: we talk to you in order to understand the issues you want to solve, we then identify your goals and target markets, build a prototype that addresses all custom preferences and requirements, and then create a website fully optimized for as many platforms as you wish, using technologies that match your needs. Not only do we provide all-in-one web design and development services, we also take care to build the web presence that will deliver a high ROI for the project.

Below you’ll find several of AMgrade's customizable Business solutions. Further down you’ll see specific examples of our work with clients.

Who can use it

  • Large corporations

  • Small and medium-size entrepreneurs

  • Government services and NGOs
  • Marketing agencies and departments

  • Digital startups

Our Applications and Modules for Business and Product Pages

Corporate website

Growing your customer base, increasing the credibility of your business, extending geographic reach, developing your own brand, generating media interest — all this is possible with a good corporate website. No matter what your market is, having a well developed website is critically important. Corporate websites offer myriads of possibilities; so it’s very important to make your choices carefully and select features sensibly.

Remember that it’s better to have no website at all than have your business associated with a web page that hurts your business and its reputation. AMgrade has been developing corporate websites for the last five years and has earned an excellent reputation with its customers. We listen to our customers; we understand their objectives, issues and concerns. This, plus our technical skills, allows us to implement the most challenging projects. Our goal is to provide customers with an efficient web solution that will ensure tangible business results in the future.


  • Let the whole world know about your company
  • Make your corporate page a «web office», working for you 24 / 7
  • Use a website to announce new developments and products
  • Strengthen your web-presence to remain competitive
Content management system

At the dawn of the Internet, webmasters had to get into the code in order to add or modify website content. Today it can be done with no coding thanks to Content management systems (CMS). However, a modern CMS is not only about adding / editing / removing texts, images and videos. A modern CMS is a very power tool: with a wide variety of extensions and modules, it’s easy to implement practically any custom functionality, as long as it’s subject to business rules.

AMgrade develops web projects both with a custom-built back-end and based on popular CMS. We believe that every website is unique and there’s no one-model-fits-all approach. Therefore, we’ll analyze your business needs and then suggest a solution, whether CMS-based or custom-built, that will meet your requirements.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimum of hand-coding
  • Easily customizable solutions
  • Full control over website content
Product Landing Page

A well-designed landing page is an effective tool that could help to motivate your customers to purchase a product or service you are promoting online. A landing page is a simple concept, but to work, every detail has to be properly designed in order to give you a conversion boost and increased sales.

We at AMgrade have been creating product landing pages for more than five years and have amassed unique experience while providing a customized approach to every client. Simple and elegant, prominently branded product landing pages developed by AMgrade focus the customer’s attention and help your sales grow.

  • Boost conversion rates and grow sales
  • Increase the audience’s interest in your products or services
  • Induce users to act

Blogging is one of the best strategies to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to a website or app, and generate leads. These days, a professional blog is a must-have marketing tool for practically any business. A blog allows sharing valuable insights, corporate news, product updates and success stories with your target audience.

For your website, linking a frequently updated blog means boosting its ranking in search results. It also engages your visitors as they can leave feedback and share your posts in their network, thus extending your brand’s reach.

  • Share valuable content with your audience
  • Boost your website’s ranking in search results
  • Drive targeted traffic
  • Generate leads
Social sharing

The modern web is built around communications, and lately it is predominantly about communications using social media, which continue growing at a fast pace. Many webmasters take advantage of this process, as it helps them to broaden their audience, increase the number of inbound links, get a stable traffic source, improve SEO and search ranking, create a so-called «viral loop» and so on. The potential number of social sharing benefits is very large, and with time it will only grow.

A thought-out approach to social sharing will greatly increase the chances that this strategy works, increasing awareness of your business all over the world, and recruiting new customers and «brand advocates» every day. AMgrade's team considers every customer special and always develops a unique solution based on the business’ unique aspects, such as target market and audience, product / service type, customer’s preferences, etc.

  • Erase the boundaries, grow your business
  • Boost SEO and rankings, make new pages index faster
  • Create a viral loop and get an army of «brand advocates»
  • Strengthen your social media presence
Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular web mapping service in the world, used by millions every day. Integrating it into a website is important: you engage website visitors and expand opportunities for your local business. In addition, letting your visitors use all the benefits of Google Maps automatically increases your site’s credibility, engagement and interaction.

Have AMgrade professionally integrate Google Maps into your website. We’ll make sure that it’s done properly and serves your business needs.

  • Add value to your website
  • Make your site more interactive
  • Increase credibility
Registration form

Thousands of websites and apps worldwide loose a huge amount of users and potential customers because they lack a proper registration system. On the contrary, a very much complicated registration form may cause a similar effect. Don’t make such a mistake and turn a registration form into an effective tool to attract more users and keep them engaged.

AMgrade can provide you with some top-notch web solutions. Do you need a simple and clear registration form or maybe a module with separate sign-up areas for different types of users? AMgrade can do all of that and much more for you.

  • Get your site or app equipped with an advanced registration form
  • Attract more users and keep them engaged
  • Include a call to action to get more online registrations and business leads
Payment integration

If your web project involves a purchase, its success depends on a comfortable payment system. If users are not provided with an easy, user-friendly way of paying for goods, they just won’t buy them. On the other hand, a payment service that is well integrated into your site may bring in impulse buyers and international customers. It will increase your sales and leave your customers satisfied.

If the payment system is developed and integrated at a high level, it will set your website apart. On the other hand, a poor implementation may drive potential customers away. So the choice is simple: payment integration is important enough to be entrusted to an expert, like AMgrade. Talk to us, we’ll help you with advice and a well-designed implementation.

  • Increase your customer base to include international customers
  • Boost sales
  • Make the website more user-friendly and increase the conversion rate
Rating system

If your aim is to stimulate user interaction and increase audience engagement, try to develop a simple, user-friendly rating system: it can be very helpful. The ability to rate a product or a service (in conjunction with commenting or reviewing systems) increases user activity, encourages feedback, and attracts new visitors.

In order to make a rating system work well and keep visitors engaged, it should be easy to use and properly integrated within the website. Talk to us: AMgrade offers the best price / quality / delivery time combination. Our solutions are efficient and will satisfy both you and your site’s visitors.

  • Increase users’ audience engagement and interaction
  • Lower the «bounce rate»
  • Make your website more user-friendly
Admin panel

Developing an easy-to-use admin panel is very important to any IT project. It should be simple, sharp and clean; only then will it be useful to an Administrator in managing the site and establishing efficient workflow. Make all necessary modifications, simplify web content management, administer payment options – all these functions and much more can be done quickly and efficiently with an advanced admin panel — or they can be a chore with a bad one.

Searching for a perfect solution that will meet a webmaster’s expectations isn’t easy, so experience in managing and administering multiple web sites comes in handy. We at AMgrade have such experience; we’re also customer-centric: talk to us, and we’ll help you with an Admin panel and many other issues.

  • Manage your web project with ease
  • Save time on site management
  • Make all necessary modifications instantly
  • Get your admin panel customized the way you want
Mobile-Friendly Website

Consider the fact that more than 70% of Internet users surf the web from their mobile devices, and that number is constantly growing. It becomes clear that a «mobile-friendly» website is a necessity, not a luxury. To add urgency, Google recently announced that it would rank «mobile-friendly» sites higher than sites that don’t run well on mobile devices. Your web project just has to work both on mobile devices, not only on desk- or laptops.

AMgrade is always ready to help when it comes to mobile, this is one of our strong points. Read our white paper on mobile sites, and then talk to us: we’ll make sure that your website works perfectly on any mobile device.

  • Reach the rapidly growing mobile segment
  • Beat the competition, meeting market requirements better than they do
  • Get a website running on any mobile device

If you want to provide your website with stable traffic, spread information about it, increase its credibility with the users, or even create an army of «brand advocates» — think about creating a forum. Some webmasters may think that the time when forums were effective is over, but in practice millions of website owners all over the world still reap the benefits of well-designed and developed forums.

Forums are not easy precisely because they’re so ubiquitous. Whether or not it is successful depends largely on the skill of the developer. Creating a contemporary-looking, user-friendly platform that will attract visitors is part art, part science. AMgrade has ample experience in this area; with us the development process will run smoothly and the results will allow the client to obtain visible and positive feedback.

  • Increase traffic and widen the audience
  • Gain credibility
  • Build a strong community
  • Use the forum as a monitoring tool
Live Chat

There’s an old maxim that only 3% of a website’s visitors take any kind of actions online, while the other 97% leave the page with no interaction. Live chat is an efficient way to solve this problem and increase the number of active users. This approach works in different applications: e-commerce sites, online stores and social networks, and also media and entertainment platforms.

If you own an online store, live chat will increase sales, as the users will get knowledgeable assistance in a situation when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. And for entertainment portals, it’s a way to amuse users and diversify the content. In each case, developing a user-friendly live chat can make a webpage more competitive and interesting. Stay connected to your audience, get feedback, and improve service: all this will help you to stay on top.

  • Increase sales while cutting phone support costs
  • Entertain your visitors and widen the number of communication modes
  • Monitor users’ activity and stay in touch with them
Video / audio player

A picture is worth a thousand words — this principle works both for TV and websites; that’s why a growing number of businesses prefer to include video/audio players into the structure of their web pages. The number of benefits this step can bring is significant: the time a user spends on the page increases, the bounce rate declines, and engagement and credibility soar.

To make a video or audio player work for your website, it should be developed correctly: the player must be an integral part of the design, encourage attention but not irritate the user. A poorly designed player may actually hurt a web site. If you employ an experienced developer, such as AMgrade, you’ll minimize the risk and benefit from all the features of a well-designed, effective player can bring to your site.

  • Increase user’s engagement
  • Drop the «bounce rate»
  • Grow credibility
  • Diversify the content
Marketing Campaign Tracking System

Monitor the efficiency of your marketing strategies with a few clicks: compile and analyze information, adjust plans, develop profitable campaigns and quickly reject those that don’t pay off. Marketing campaign-tracking systems are aimed to simplify and accelerate this process. As a result, the entrepreneur gets an opportunity to manage market risks, cut costs, boost sales and track real-time results.

While the ideas and direction come from the customer, creating an effective marketing campaign tracking system that embodies the customer’s business needs is up to the developers. AMgrade will put at the client’s disposal not just years of experience in the IT industry, but also a team with experience in developing Campaign tracking software. If you think it’s time to improve your marketing strategy, contact AMgrade to make the first step on your path to success.

  • Increase focus on profitable marketing campaigns
  • Cut costs and boost sales
  • Track real-time data
  • Make split-second decisions to remain competitive
Website speed optimization

We live in a high-speed, high-pressure era where every second counts. Services like Alexa even rank web sites by their loading time. The principle «faster equals better» is perfectly illustrated by the behavior of web users: if a web page takes time to load, users just leave the site. Consequently, the «drop rate» grows, search rankings go down, the number of visitors decreases and revenues decline.

To stay competitive, web masters have to keep sites fast and optimize their performance. Optimization involves detailed performance analysis, which allows determining bottlenecks and then fixing them. Very often this process requires technically challenging steps, so it’s better left to the experts. By working with AMgrade you’ll ensure the highest quality of your web project. A quickly loading, fast website that brings pleasure rather than annoyance to your users will be the result.

  • Drive up positive user experience
  • Improve search rankings
  • Let your website remain competitive

Experience & Cases

My Learned Friend

The Big Idea

My Learned Friend is an extraordinary project created to help legal professionals, law students and lay users to research topics with the help of the combined knowledge of the legal community.

The MLF team came up with the idea that, in our time, the transfer of legal knowledge could be «crowdsourced» as a social media.

The website that implements this idea serves as a virtual legal hub. It allows users to make inquiries, communicate, and store legal documents and law cases in the online knowledge database. Users with personal accounts can comment and rate information, participate in discussions, save favorites and keep a record of the most important inquiries. The site has a clear, user-friendly design.

Key features and functionality

  • Register / Login

  • Large database with ability to add, rate and comment information

  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • YouTube integration

  • Subscription


The Big Idea

SHCreative is a team of talented and highly professional filmmakers. They work on commercial enterprises, educational projects and not-for-profits.

The company wanted to develop a web-based platform to increase visibility and acquire new customers.

We created a new attractive website, which effectively displays the company’s film portfolio, capabilities, and current activities. Social media integration improves communications with potential customers, the blog section helps to increase credibility, and the «get in touch» form allows the company to widen its client base.

Key features and functionality

  • Blog

  • Twitter integration and Follow button
  • YouTube integration

  • Ability to send send a direct message

Frankie & Bennys

The Big Idea

The number of restaurants in the UK is very large and competition is fearsome. It’s a matter of survival for any restaurant to stand out from the crowd. Frankie & Benny's restaurant chain decided that a striking and informative website would help them to differentiate their brand and attract new visitors.
Frankie & Benny's website is as rich in features as its menu is in Italian food. The slideshow on the front page displays recent promotions and events; the menus are clear and easy to understand; the search tool allows visitors to find the nearest restaurant and book a table online; the gift shop is easy to use. The style is authentic and incorporates the pictures and design elements of the actual restaurants. The site also displays the chain's recent tweets and Facebook.

Key features and functionality

  • Restaurants search system

  • Online booking

  • Social Media integration

  • Register / Login
  • iTunes integration for the gift shop

  • Google map integration

  • PDF download option

  • Payment system integration

Mara Monesse

The Big Idea

Mara Monesse is a new fashion brand that was launched by the textile businesswoman Adina Schneider. The fashion lines of Mara Monesse emphasize elegance, quality and simplicity.

We assisted Mara Monesse in creating a website for the brand’s launch during Fashion Week in Germany in 2014.

We built a clean and stylish site that is visually consistent with the brand’s philosophy. The landing page is in harmony with the brand’s fundamental concept — to show beauty as symbiosis of elegance and simplicity.

Key features and functionality

  • Self-subscription

  • Facebook integration
  • Feedback form

  • User-oriented galleries


The Big Idea

Voys is a large Dutch Voice over IP (VoIP) operator offering their business customers maximum flexibility and control over their VoIP telephony solution. Among the distinctive features of the Voys service is the ability to set up a calling plan online. Calling plans can be changed or canceled at any time and are free of charge.

The design of the website has the feeling of freedom, conveying the company’s central message. The site's modules allow users to control different features of their calling plans, monitor statistics and manage phone settings (redirecting, blocking, answering, etc.). The site also presents information about different calling plans and special business offers. The FAQ page provides useful information about the service.

Key features and functionality

  • Register / log-in

  • Help-chat window

  • Social Media buttons
  • Google Maps integration

  • YouTube integration

  • Ability to call directly from the website using VOYS’s VoIP system


The Big Idea

In a competitive world of legal services, it’s important for a law firm to emphasize its main service lines, unique identity, and advantages. Raadslieden is a Belgian law firm specializing in family law and related fields. The firm wanted to have an online presence in line with the company's style and business approach.
We created a website that is elegant and sharp. The striking high-resolution pictures on the main page immediately present the focus of the firm’s activities. Clear and well-organized content provides visitors with the information about the team, services, terms and conditions, and contacts.

Key features and functionality

  • Google maps integration

  • Professional design elements
  • Slider


The Big Idea

ADVICO group specializes in financial and development strategies for the growing market of small to medium-size franchise companies.

ADVICO wanted to increase its customer base using an improved presentation of its services and capabilities.

ADVICO’s business has many facets, and so their website is, out of necessity, information intensive. The site’s clear layout and well-structured pages help users find out what ADVICO can do for them, its operating principles and philosophy, recent activities, and achievements.

Key features and functionality

  • User accounts

  • Social media integration

  • Google maps integration
  • Feedback form

  • Document download option


The Big Idea

The Swedish company AGA is part of the Linde Group, the largest industrial gases and engineering company in the world. AGA wanted to present the company's propane and CO2 products and help customers locate the nearest AGA dealers where they could buy these products.
The website developed for AGA to introduce the company and its suite of products is user-friendly and easy to navigate. One of the site’s key features incorporates a mapping system, allowing users to search for the nearest dealers by IP address or GPS data.

Key features and functionality

  • Localization in seven languages

  • YouTube integration

  • Custom search tool
  • Google Maps integration (search for the nearest dealer)

  • Files download

Frank Trainings

The Big Idea

Frank-Trainings is a company that provides specific training sessions for companies and individuals using the Microsoft SharePoint framework. Keeping in mind that boosting sales is a strategic goal, the company decided that it needs a high quality web presence.
Working with Frank-Trainings, we created a minimalist website, which helps visitors to focus on detailed textual information describing the company’s services. Other pages contain blogs, information about upcoming events, and media reviews.

Key features and functionality

  • Search tool

  • YouTube integration

  • SlideShare integration
  • Blog

  • Direct messaging

  • Social Media integration


The Big Idea

Fortnum is an Australian Financial Advisory group. Fortnum helps their clients to evaluate their financial needs, and provides guidance in financial planning, investment strategies and estate planning. Fortnum's clients are mid- to high-income earners. Many of them executives and professionals, and therefore active Internet users. Thus, having a quality, professional website becomes a vital necessity.
Our team developed a professional-looking multisite residing on several domains. The design isn’t flashy. With a muted color scheme, functionality is straightforward and navigation comfortable. All these attributes of the site accentuate the core values of a financial advisory business: trust and dependability. An integrated search tool and an advisers' location system help visitors to find the nearest office.

Key features and functionality

  • Log in

  • Search tool

  • Social Media integration
  • Google Maps integration

  • Client Inquiry form

  • Download PDF versions of articles


The Big Idea

In the retail business, with its constantly changing market conditions and cutthroat competition, understanding your customer and having the latest data on sales and inventory is critical. The Zoined team decided to create an application that would allow managers of retail stores to keep track of critically important information any time, any place while using any device connected to the Internet.

The solution was to create a multifunctional analytical and reporting tool and integrate it into a responsive website. The site's functionality allows users to monitor sales, inventory, performance of the staff and other indicators. It also allows comparing the statistics of a particular store to market averages and helps to forecasts sales. Reports may be submitted daily, weekly and monthly. All reports can be customized on the user’s personal page. The service is available on any Internet-connected device, from smartphones to PCs.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration system

  • Help-chat window

  • Twitter news integration

  • Social Media integration
  • Self-subscription

  • Search tool

  • Localization in two languages


The Big Idea

Modern universities are complex institutions. Information provided to potential applicants is often confusing and incomplete. The Pan-European university, a prestigious private school based in Bratislava, Slovakia, wanted to avoid these pitfalls and present the university's study programs, research, and staff in a clear, easy to understand way.
The website of the University is a modern, interactive, easy to use version of a brochure of the past. It helps the applicants from Slovakia and other countries find information about all aspects of university life, from faculty to programs, tuition fees and many more. The design of the site is youth-oriented and user friendly. Its functionality also allows the university to communicate with enrolled students and staff, and share news.

Key features and functionality

  • Facebook integration

  • Google Maps integration

  • Direct messaging
  • Uploading news (text + image)

  • Contact form

  • User-friendly layout


The Big Idea

In luxury sales, it is very important that the quality of presentation matches the quality of the product itself. That is why, when the Moscow-based Sminex team decided to advertise their expensive apartment complex Berzarina, they needed a high-quality, web-based presentation that would help them to showcase the building, project credibility and reach the targeted market niche.

Our team created a multifunctional, user-friendly website that highlights all the fine features of the building. The site’s functionality allows visitors to view the building’s exterior and interior, inspect detailed floor and apartment plans, and access other information. Other functions enable visitors to call sales managers directly from the website or chat with them online. This comprehensive presentation gives the user a feeling of a real visit to the building while providing information necessary to consider a purchase.

Key features and functionality

  • Ability to call sales directly from the website

  • Automatic feedback form

  • Map integration

  • PDF presentation integration
  • Virtual tours

  • 3D apartment models

  • Subscription

  • SM buttons

Knaipa Pro

The Big Idea

Knaipa Pro team is in the business of selling suites of sophisticated Customer Relation Management software products for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other companies in hospitality industry. Knaipa also delivers services, such as audit, technical support and personnel training. The company decided to extend its market reach by improving the web presence.
Our team developed a business site that presents the company’s suite of product, provides detailed description of the software products and services. Other pages of the site contain news and updates on services and software. Even though information presented on the website is complex, its design is clear, menu pages are simple and well structured, which makes it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Key features and functionality

  • Google maps integration

  • Social Media integration

  • Search tool
  • Ability to send a direct message

  • Technical support form

  • Ability to send an offer for a demonstration


The Big Idea

Pikanta is a trademark of a large Russian canned-products producer that makes more than 90 different items and has a wide distribution network. The company wanted to develop a new marketing tool that would establish the trademark and advertise new products to a large Internet audience.
To put this idea into practice, we created an attractive business website that introduces Pikanta and its products. Its functionality is not complex (the business case didn’t require it), but it has а solid design, a user-friendly scrolling technique, and a comprehensive search tool.

Key features and functionality

  • SM buttons

  • Rate recipes

  • Post your own recipe

  • Search filters
  • Feedback form

  • Yandex map integration

  • Ability to print materials

  • Parallax Scrolling

Top Desk

The Big Idea

Top Desk specializes in reporting, auditing, and analytical tools for the restaurant business. The company created an online service for restaurant managers and owners that allows them to check the status of their business, run numerous reports, and analyze data — and do it online, from anywhere in the world.

To implement the service, we built a website that allows registered users to display numerous statistics concerning a restaurant business, from up-to-the-minute sales data to personnel performance, from popularity of individual menu items to sophisticated financial data.

All information is illustrated with the help of user-friendly graphs and «speedometers». The personal page allows users to select the layout and settings of reports, and set up reporting parameters. The website can be accessed by any type of Internet devices, from smartphones to computers.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration system

  • Flexible personal user account

  • Twitter news integration
  • Social Media integration

  • Subscription

  • Search tool


The Big Idea

Ozbi is a large traditional Russian bakery located in Moscow. It specializes in Russian bagels and cookies. The company wanted to differentiate itself from many other bakeries and acquire a quality image by representing its history, products, and brands on the Web.
We created an attractive, homey website that corresponds to the image the company’s products occupy in Russian culture. The site presents the full range of Ozbi’s products, its history, and recipes, some with accompanying videos. An integrated map gives the company’s location; the feedback form provides the means of contacting it.

Key features and functionality

  • Custom search system

  • Video integration
  • Yandex maps integration

  • Feedback form


The Big Idea

Heliopark is a chain of German hotels in Russia. It caters to a wide variety of clients, from vacationers to business people. Some hotels are located in urban centers, while others are resorts. The company wanted to create a new effective tool to showcase their properties, simplify booking, and improve the communication process.
The website that we created for Heliopark has a very rich functionality. Visitors can book rooms and services in any of Heliopark’s numerous hotels and resorts. Foreign tourists can order an entry visa on the same site. The site also allows booking a plane ticket. A chat window offers immediate contact with the company’s managers. Visitors can view pictures and presentations of different hotels and resorts, as well as check their locations on a map. The website's design is modern and user-friendly.

Key features and functionality

  • Personal cabinet (log in)

  • Help chat window

  • Booking module

  • Recommend to a friend by email

  • Send a review
  • Social Media integration

  • Priority guest support forms

  • Yandex maps integration

  • Events calendar


The Big Idea

Bekasovo is a new modern resort complex in the Moscow region. It is a place where visitors can spend a weekend or a vacation, hold business events, wedding ceremonies, or parties. The company desired to have a robust internet service that would help visitors plan vacations and events, book rooms and services, and communicate with managers.
To meet the company's requirements we built a website with a range of user-friendly features. Virtual tours and picture galleries help visitors to get acquainted with the resort. A chat window, online booking, and downloadable payment documents significantly simplify the ordering and payment processes.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration / Login

  • Social Media integration

  • Yandex Maps integration

  • Booking system

  • Fast access navigation

  • Contact form
  • Feedback form

  • Virtual tour

  • PDF download option

  • Document upload option

  • Subscription

  • Events Calendar