Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Multitasking functionality is probably one of the best features of mobile devices. Whether iOS or Android, most apps
allow the customer to complete various tasks with just a couple of gestures. At AMgrade, we believe every app is unique and
our mission is to prove it with every product we create. Our highly professional team of iOS and Android developers headed
by qualified managers will convert your Big Idea into a profitable and attractive app.

iOS Apps

Apple rules the market for premium mobile solutions. Customers are willing to pay for a high-quality app rather than take a risk on a free alternative.

AMgrade’s experts utilize the best development practices to meet the high standards of the Apple brand and create competitive iOS apps for our clients. Mastering Objective-C and Swift development and keeping apps current with new devices and the latest iOS versions is also our priority.

ios sdk
iphone 6
iPhone 6
iPhone 5


Android Apps

Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide. To help our clients launch apps in this constantly growing market, AMgrade’s experts create mobile interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use, while also utilizing the best innovations and practices for navigation, menus, touch gestures, notifications and widgets.

We follow Material Design guidelines to make apps behave like real objects, while making them much easier to understand and use. We ensure apps are optimized for phones and tablets, and support various screen sizes and orientations.

Open GPG
Java Mobile


Mobile Sites

A mobile site is the easiest way to enhance your web project with a mobile presence. While surfing the web from a mobile device, your users will get the same experience as they would accessing your site on a large desktop screen.

To help our clients meet their users’ expectations we offer the following solutions:

  • Websites with responsive design
  • Dynamic serving sites
  • Separate mobile URLs
  • Mobile design similar to Mobile App


PHP 5.2/3/4
Angular JS
jQuery (Mobile)
Node js


Categories of mobile application we create

Enterprise Apps

No business can succeed in the challenging environment of today’s economy without a perfectly streamlined workflow. The most efficient tool for providing the entrepreneur with full control over all business processes is an up-to-date enterprise app.

Speaking of state-of-the-art mobile solutions, AMgrade can offer customers more than 5 years of experience. The enterprise app developed by our team is always a mission-critical, scalable and data-centric, user-friendly, clear and easy-to-use product, meeting all the customer’s requirements and moving their business to a new level.

  • Get immediate access to all business processes. Control, manage and make modifications anytime anywhere.
  • Present a complex system in a clear, sharp and easy-to-use form.
  • Increase your business efficiency by simplifying workflow.
Communication Apps

Communication is what mobile devices were made for, so it is no wonder the number of apps meeting that human need isn’t going to decrease any time soon. Considering the vibrant competition within that market niche, even a great idea is no longer enough to win. Nowadays even a brilliant concept must be complemented with bleeding-edge technologies to earn its place under the sun.

AMgrade knows exactly how to make a success out of your communication app. Our experts will develop an application that will definitely excite your customers. AMgrade's approach is client-centric, so all your expectations and demands will be precisely implemented. 

  • Add extra functionality to your communication app to make it stand out above the competition.
  • Provide your audience with seamless access to their social circle.
  • Let your customers communicate 24 / 7.
Educational Apps

One lives and learns, they say. Therefore, it’s no wonder educational apps are so popular among users. They also can be very profitable. So, whether you want to earn some money teaching others, or desire to volunteer your knowledge for the good of society, an educational app is what you should think about first.

However, even the most ambitious project can fail if the implementation is handed over to a poorly qualified developer. Collaborating with AMgrade's team, you can always be sure that your educational app will attract your audience with a clear, sharp interface, and a user-friendly design.  Your product will be fail-safe and serviceable. 

  • To succeed, combine functionality and ease of use in one app.
  • Provide your audience with on-demand education.
  • Combine all the educational aids and tools within one app.
Finance Apps

While managing personal finance is a vital task, it still remains a chore for the vast majority of people. Financial apps are aimed to solve this problem, turning complicated tasks into something easy and even enjoyable.  And, if your ideas are good and the developer does his job right, the app can become a goldmine.

Here at AMgrade we’re always ready for even the most challenging tasks. Our team has gained a strong background in developing iOS and Android financial apps, so you as the client can rest assured that we’ll understand your ideas and will implement them successfully.

  • Wide functionality can be combined with a user-friendly interface
  • Help your customers save money and watch your revenues soar
  • Transform the burden into something enjoyable
Food Apps

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries around. Manufacturing a high-quality product is no longer a guarantee of success. The customer is getting more and more sophisticated.  Satisfying ever-changing needs in the fastest and the most convenient way — that’s what the customer wants, and if you can’t meet those demands, your business will lose the battle.

Developing a unique mobile app can be the magic wand that makes things happen. A food and drinks app is not only the way to stay in touch with customers and receive valuable feedback, it is also an opportunity to spread the word about your business, increase loyalty and, as a result, boost revenue. The AMgrade team has the experience needed to create such an app for you. 

  • Strengthen your brand with an up-to-date IT solution
  • Increase the credibility of your product and customer loyalty
  • A well-developed app can spread the word about your company and increase your market share

Speaking of popularity and profitability, in the mobile app development industry very few types of apps can compete with games. Numerous striking examples prove that an unconventional, original approach combined with flawless technical execution can be highly profitable.

If you have an idea that you believe will blow up the games industry, collaborating with a team of highly skilled IT specialists is vital. When you entrust your project’s implementation to AMgrade, you choose a company with 5 years of experience and more than 250,000 hours of development. An AMgrade-developed game app is a combination of thought-out game mechanics, clear interface and remarkable design.

  • Bring all your bold ideas to life and succeed
  • Game apps can bring handsome profits
  • An interesting, well-developed game app will always find its audience

Watching video/playing audio are among the most popular online activities for a modern mobile user. Video bloggers, filmmakers or animators, musicians, screen fans and many more — the number of customers, ready to duly appreciate the new interesting multimedia mobile app, is truly enormous. Whichever purpose your app is going to serve it surely will not be neglected.

The main reason why the multimedia mobile app can fail is the concept’s poor implementation. Even the most brilliant ideas may prove abortive without the professional technical realization. That’s why choosing the team of mobile app developers can be a real challenge. AMgrade offers you only state-of-the-art IT solutions to make your project benefit and the customer-oriented approach guarantees all your requirements will be fulfilled timely and to the full extent.

  • A high-technology app is an opportunity to land more customers
  • Provide the app with any desirable features. Let the users play, share, add, edit or create video/audio via the app
  • Use the app for various purposes: to entertain, educate, promote, sell etc.
News and Magazines

The print media era is close to being over and the only way for newspaper / magazine owners to survive in the long run is to go mobile. As a matter of practice, developing a mobile app is a safe way to cut production expenses, increase readership and provide customers with what they want: up-to-the-minute content 24 / 7. With one mobile app you can achieve many objectives at the same time.

The number of benefits a news mobile app can give the owner goes far beyond those listed above. With an easy-to-use mobile app you can reach an unlimited audience; many boundaries common for the print media (time, geographical, etc.) are also gone. The only thing you should take care of is choosing the right company to ensure the app’s implementation. AMgrade is a responsible partner with more than 5 years of experience. Collaborating with us is the quickest and most productive way to create a successful news & media app.

  • Widen your audience and increase readership using a mobile app
  • Prevail over your competition
  • Engage readers with immediate content

These days, with the economy in a difficult shape, a company can be successful only if it is productive. If you cannot manage all your tasks and activities, all your efforts to build a successful business may come to nothing. That’s why customers are so excited about efficient productivity apps. Everyone wants to have one if it’s actually useful.

Productivity apps can change a money-losing company into a moneymaker.  They can also transform your business by streamlining workflow. So if you’re interested in exploring the opportunities that a good productivity app can provide to your business, contact AMgrade and we’ll help you in this matter. Our experts will do everything to create a high quality app that will satisfy your requirements.

  • Own the app that helps get the most out of the time available.
  • Streamline workflow and increase your business efficiency
  • Cash in on the human need for achievement

Whether you’re a storeowner or a web-entrepreneur, if your aim is to indulge people in their passion for shopping, a mobile app is what you should think about first. Considering that 80% of customers surf the web using their mobile devices, a shopping app can be a powerful booster for your sales.    

A well thought-out shopping app, developed in a professional way can increase conversion rate, raise ROI, and make customers buy more of the products or services you offer. It is worth noting that the success of the whole project to a large extent depends on the tech team’s professional integrity. AMgrade is the crew of experts you can totally rely on. In collaborating with us, you opt for high efficiency, ease of use and creative design.

  • A shopping app is a sure way to grow the sales
  • Sell 24 / 7
  • Get more customers every day

Mobile social media platforms are still a very vibrant web trend, promising interesting business opportunities to many entrepreneurs. At first sight, Facebook, Twitter and other established social media titans seem indestructible, but it doesn’t mean your social app won’t be on the charts. If you think outside the box, a new, clever social app can become an overnight phenomenon — and we all know many such cases.

The other way to use social apps is to simplify communication between employees in your company, develop relations and even increase productivity. No matter the mission of your social app, AMgrade will help you to put it into practice. And the results of our collaboration will definitely please you.

  • Use communications to improve business practices
  • Enhance relationships among employees to increase productivity
  • Let the latest web trends serve your business

The travel / tourism industry is a fertile ground for mobile app development. Everybody in the industry, from an experienced entrepreneur to a start-up, can take advantage of an app as the most effective and powerful method to spread the word about your company and the products and services you offer, to increase the number of clients, and to boost revenues. A travel app is also a perfect idea for a local business promotion. A state-of-the-art IT solution allows erasing geographical boundaries.

AMgrade's team will be your reliable partner. We will take the responsibility for building a meaningful, user-friendly travel app, which will be consistent with your business goals and needs. Our main principle is to create only high-quality products that would satisfy you as our client.

  • Promote your local business via a mobile app
  • Combine various types of content (photo, video, audio, text etc.) to engage the user
  • Strengthen the brand while spreading the word about your company/product/services
Health-monitoring Apps

Health-monitoring apps is the new word in health industry. It’s a very powerful tool not available until recently. Rich in functionality, these apps can be extremely successful. Linking a patient or the elderly to their healthcare provider or loved ones, these apps automatically alert all parties if their health status changes or other factors warrant an alert. Relatively inexpensive compared to existing alternatives, these applications can significantly reduce healthcare costs.

We at AMgrade have invaluable experience developing health-monitoring apps. We’re ready to help you to fulfill your plans and ideas in this exciting field, and in the process build a lucrative business. 

  • Health-monitoring apps are in high demand and their popularity will only increase
  • Help people take care of their health and grow your business in the process
  • Combine a wide number of useful features with a simple clear interface
Life and fitness Apps

The «fitness boom» isn’t going to stop any time soon, so life & fitness apps will remain one of the most popular and desirable categories. If you own a fitness club or a gym, or are engaged in training or sell sporting goods, a mobile app can be of great use. Deeper engagement, enhanced credibility, and growing the number of «brand advocates» — a mobile app can do all that for your business.

At AMgrade our specialists start the development process with a thorough examination of the requirements, thus assuring that the app tightly corresponds to the client’s specifications. Our result-oriented approach and complete but transparent control during the project’s implementation phase secure a final product of very high quality.

  • Use the app to engage customers and to strengthen their ties with your company
  • Update your business presence with a high-quality mobile solution
  • Use the mobile app as another sales platform
Business Apps

 If you want your business to remain competitive, go mobile. The vast majority of your customers communicate, read the latest news, and make purchases using a mobile device, and in the near future their numbers will only grow. That’s why building a strong mobile presence is critically important for a success-oriented entrepreneur. Launching a quality cross-functional mobile app is the way to outclass your competitors, keep your clients loyal, establish new connections and grow your business.

AMgrade can help you build an efficient business mobile app that will give a significant boost to your mobile presence. We know how to listen and will help you to develop the requirements, while our experienced designers and developers will assure a product of the highest quality.

  • Stay in touch with your customers or partners 24 / 7
  • Increase the number of potential clients and establish useful business connections worldwide
  • Gather feedback and testimonials via the mobile app to improve the quality of your products/services

Experience & Cases

Pregnancy ++

The Big Idea

Pregnancy++ is one of the commonly used apps for pregnancy approved by the NHS. Beautiful interactive images for every week of pregnancy, personal diary, weight & doctor appointment logs, kick counter, a catalogue of baby names and much more can be found within one app.

The vast functionality is coupled with an intuitive interface, easy navigation and appealing design. And personalization for dads, grandparents and other family members allows the whole family to prepare for the blessed event.

Key features and functionality

  • Baby names catalogue

  • Various types of personalization

  • Interactive pregnancy calendar

  • Personal diary
  • Personal weight log

  • Doctor appointments log

  • Kick count timer

  • Useful tips daily

Radio app (Air)

The Big Idea

All your favorite radio stations within one app! Browse or search from 20 000 stations worldwide, customize settings and enjoy! The customer may launch Spotify / Shazam to identify the song, use auto shutdown, bitrate filter, Bluetooth mode and various search options make utilizing the app easy and fun.

The large number of customization settings could make the app hard to understand and use, but the clear and sharp interface turns the whole customization process into a game. The app allows the user to get the most out of such an ordinary activity as listening to the radio. The flawless technical implementation and the great number of unique and useful features ensure the app’s popularity.

Key features and functionality

  • Spotify / Shazam integration

  • Capability to customize all the sound settings

  • Auto shutdown
  • Bluetooth mode

  • Advanced search opportunities and filters

Mr. DJ

The Big Idea

About to visit the party — where your favorite DJ is going to play? Use the Mr. DJ app to enjoy all your favorite tracks! The app allows the user to request music simply bidding on the chosen tracks. The highest bids define the list of records played during the party.

Current events guide, reviews, greeting system, easy-to-use map and many other features make the Mr. DJ app essential for everyone — who can’t imagine themselves without dynamic nightlife. And while the number of party goers is high, the app will earn profit for its authors.

Key features and functionality

  • Bid system

  • Social media integration

  • Map
  • Current events guide

  • Reviews / comments system


The Big Idea

Sensar app lets the user combine all the benefits of popular social media platforms with ample opportunities for pleasant shopping. Create a profile to stay in touch with friends, share content, communicate and receive all the advantageous offers from your favorite places to shop.

The app uses iBeacon technology to send advertisement notifications to the user's mobile device according to their location. The customer can add / delete Beacons, use the map to get directions to their desired sales point, and modify their shopping preferences via the app. Social media functionality allows the user to send private messages and create chats, share photos, and manage subscriptions. In one word, Sensar is all about displaying a unique combination of usability and entertainment.

Key features and functionality

  • Chat

  • Private messages

  • Map
  • Photo Gallery

  • Social media integration

  • Sending adverts via iBeacon technology


The Big Idea

eCatch app is a convenient tool helping fishermen to collect, map and share location data for good fishing. It simplifies the professional two-way feedback and streamlines communication among fishermen. Collaborating and sharing the fishing logbooks in real-time, in its turn, helps minimize bycatch of depleted species, develop by-catch avoidance predictive maps, and visualize collective spatial patterns in fishing.

The app, combining utility and an intuitive interface, will definitely find the customers favour. The vast choice of available features (calendar / scheduling system, useful information about invasive species, weather, gear / vessel info etc.) will definitely get the professional fishermen interested.

Key features and functionality

  • Descriptions of invasive species

  • Calendar

  • Scheduling system
  • Weather

  • Vessel / gear info

  • Capability to add photos


The Big Idea

Keeping clear and plain performance records is vital for those, who count on construction business or remedial work. The future success in those business areas largely depends on the efficiency of the inventory management information system.

To lessen the burden for everyone involved with the construction business, the «Datenerfassung» app was created. Due to sharp a user-friendly interface and elegant design, developed by AMgrade, keeping track of all equipment, after-sales service items, locations etc. becomes simple and time-saving.

Key features and functionality

  • Files import from SD-card

  • Notification / scheduling system

  • Manage the items / locations
  • Search tool

  • Capability to add photos


The Big Idea

The HyperLapse app was created for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating a movie. Just film anything you find interesting or noteworthy and then add the proper soundtrack to finish your masterpiece

The «freemium» model helps to both attract extra customers and generate revenue with the app. The beautiful design and easy-to-use functionality, which we created, engage the user and encourage them to visit the app again and again.

Key features and functionality

  • Video

  • Filters

  • Audio library
  • Search

  • Freemium

Gas Guide

The Big Idea

AGA is the leading gas company in Northern Europe. Its products and services are highly solicited in various industries (metallurgy, paper and pulp, chemistry and food, healthcare etc.) because of their high quality. To increase the customers’ loyalty and promote the services in welding the mobile app development was crucial.

The «Gas Guide» application, created by AMgrade's team, allows users to select the proper shielding gas depending on the materials available. After the user fills all the required fields, the app displays not only the certain type of gas, but also the location of the nearest company's dealer providing such welding services. And an opportunity to order AGA products directly in the “Gas Guide” is profitable both for the company and the clients.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration

  • Ordering system

  • Map integration
  • Payment system

  • Multilanguage capability


The Big Idea

«reDonbass» is the UNDP and NGO SocialBoost initiative. The project’s main aim is to monitor and make aware of the destructions of residential buildings, social and economic infrastructure, caused by the armed hostilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

«reDonbass» is an illustrative example of modern IT solutions being socially useful. AMgrade's team made a fierce effort to develop such a valuable idea into a robust and solid mobile app that will shed the light on the issue.

Key features and functionality

  • Registration

  • Upload photos

  • Geolocation
  • Categories

  • Filters


The Big Idea

Zebra allows users to make funny pictures and then create souvenirs. The app works this way: the user takes a photo and edits it with various filters. The final picture can be shared via social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) or used to create an iPhone case, notebook cover or a photo mug, which can be ordered via the app.

Several billing methods (including PayPal) make using Zebra convenient for customers and profitable for the owner. With the Zebra app making uncommon, but useful gifts is not a problem anymore.

Key features and functionality

  • Filters

  • Photo editing tools

  • Several billing methods
  • Social media integration

  • Shopping cart

NeoLife Free

The Big Idea

The successful mobile game should be simple enough to be suitable for all categories of mobile phones users, but challenging enough to hold attention and interest through all levels.
NeoLife Free is an application meeting both of these requirements. The game’s aim is to knock the blue ball off the screen, cutting the ropes and using the neon orange balls. A perfect way to catch a break, relax and spend the spare time.

Key features and functionality

  • Share the results via social media platforms

  • Game center integration

  • 30 levels
  • High score

  • Timer

Super-duper 2048

The Big Idea

«2048» is a single-player puzzle game that has blown the web in 2014. The point is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048. The game seems easy at first sight, but once you’ve started, it’s catchy and thrilling.

AMgrade's team used every effort to make that best-selling game even more interesting and enjoyable. The app is easy-to-use, engaging, plain and elegant. And an ability to share the results via popular social media differentiates it from other versions of «2048».

Key features and functionality

  • Social sharing

  • Best score

  • Unlimited score
  • Help tool

  • Intuitive design

Neo Race

The Big Idea

The racing genre is incredibly popular among the gamers worldwide and, it should seem, nothing interesting can be invented here. But the «Neo Race» app refutes that statement.

AMgrade's team coupled the beautiful neon graphics with a well though-out design that can please even the most demanding users. 20 unique levels and various personalization features complete the picture.

Key features and functionality

  • Incredible neon graphics

  • 4 types of training mini-games

  • 20 unique races
  • Unexpected final

  • Intuitive design