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In the retail business, with its constantly changing market conditions and cutthroat competition, understanding your customer and having the latest data on sales and inventory is critical.

The Zoined team decided to create an application that would allow managers of retail stores to keep track of critically important information any time, any place while using any device connected to the Internet. The solution was to create a multifunctional analytical and reporting tool and integrate it into a responsive website. The site's functionality allows users to monitor sales, inventory, performance of the staff and other indicators.
It also allows comparing the statistics of a particular store to market averages and helps to forecasts sales. Reports may be submitted daily, weekly and monthly. All reports can be customized on the user’s personal page. The service is available on any Internet-connected device, from smartphones to PCs.

Key features and functionality:

  • Registration system
  • Help-chat window
  • Twitter news integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Self-subscription
  • Search tool
  • Localization in two languages