My Montreux

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My Montreux

Every city has its distinctive lifestyle, popular attractions, authentic stores and restaurants, and cultural attractions, but the Swiss city of Montreux has all of it in abundance.

In the age of the Internet, every city should have an online presence to keep the residents and tourists informed of what is happening in the city, about its history, culture, art, cuisine, festivals — everything that makes a modern city like Montreux such an attractive place. My Montreux was conceived to promote this beautiful city, especially its tourist and entertaining sector. The bilingual (French and English) website was developed to address the city’s requirements.
The site features social media news and city maps to help visitors find their way around Montreux. Certain hotels, restaurants and events are featured on the front page. The site also has a newsletter, focusing on current events, and blogs with information about the city. The mobile version of the site connects it with a wider audience.

Key features and functionality:

  • Registration / Login
  • Social Media integration
  • Google Maps
  • Newsletter
  • Localization in two languages
  • Fast access navigation
  • Sending direct message through contact form