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Skansen is a famous open-air museum, the first one of the kind in the world. It exhibits five centuries of Swedish history and offers visitors a range of interesting entertainment options such as authentic festivals, shopping, tours, and even a zoo.

For such an institution it’s vital to maintain communications with its donors and supporters, and keep visitors informed of new events and developments. The Internet is clearly the way to maintain efficient communications. The website created for Skansen is an attractive virtual representation of the museum which functions in ten major languages.
A high-quality design and well-selected pictures make the website user-friendly and memorable. The map helps visitors easily get around. The site features an events calendar, a newsletter and a picture gallery. There are also some modern «must-have» features, such as integrated social media and a built-in search tool to simplifying navigation around the site.

Key features and functionality:

  • Localization for 10 languages
  • News calendar
  • Google maps integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Search tool
  • YouTube videos integration