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People are living longer, and as they grow older, they’re more likely to have accidents. That is why we want to be confident that our parents and loved ones are safe in their homes.

The idea the Dignio team had was to create a system that would provide its users with constant access to information about the physical well-being of their loved ones. Just as importantly, the system would immediately react to any threatening symptoms (fluctuations in blood pressure, body temperature, weight, etc.) and inform health care providers so that they could take all appropriate actions. To implement this idea, our team developed an EU-leading system that keeps track of an array of the patient's vital signs, as well as his or her location.
It then sends the data to the Alarm Reception Center, to doctors and nurses in Medical Response Centers, and also notifies relatives about any incidents. The sensors inside the house (motion sensors, smoke detectors) allow users to have a better understanding and control of the situation in case of an emergency. The system aids in responding to problems promptly, and therefore guarantees much better results and outcomes in critical situations.

Key features and functionality:

  • Remote medical measurements monitoring system
  • Mobile notification system for medical personnel and family
  • Alarm Reception Center (Front desk) monitoring dashboard
  • Location of a patient by GPS system
  • Remote access to patient's house for emergency crews
  • Mobile application for remote monitoring of the state of health of a patient
  • Reminder to take drugs and automatic vending of pills
  • Motion sensors and smoke detectors for warning of dangerous situations