Perlen Poesie

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Perlen Poesie

Perlen Poesie is a European quarterly magazine specializing in amazing bead-weaving projects.

The magazine is ideal for intermediate and advanced bead craftsmen. The publishing company wanted to make information about the art of beading — tutorials, courses, trends, artist profiles, news, and history of bead weaving — more accessible to a larger audience.The online platform is designed to present information conveniently and elegantly.
Users can browse the current issue of the magazine, study new trends in the art of beadwork, read about the artists and receive information on upcoming workshops and courses. The site has detailed descriptions of all previous issues and offers an option to buy any of them. Visitors can access galleries of other readers’ artwork, instructions from the pros, and, if they wish, participate in competitions.

Key features and functionality:

  • Register / login
  • Social media integration
  • Shopping cart
  • Subscription
  • Localization for 2 languages
  • Integrated payment system