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Actify is a brand-new service, which gives people the right solutions for leisure time as well as business activities. Inspiring activities, interesting places and locations, all kinds of functions and events with friends and like-minded people.

You are able to organize your free time with your friends and new people. Actify currently covers the Darmstadt market. Expanding to cover the whole German market and all of Europe is the primary long-term goal of the project.

The key idea of the actify team was to give everyone in Germany the ability to organize their pastimes as well as participate in and create professional and business activities.

We achieved this aim by creating a service which allows people to communicate and find like-minded people who are in close proximity to each other on the basis of common interests. Nowadays everyone uses mobile services, that’s why the service was created with a responsive version, which support users with tablets and cell phones.

Key features and functionality:

  • three types of activities: public, private and organized
  • three types of users: private, professional and business
  • distance range functionality
  • interests and categories:
    - timeline
    - wall functionality
    - photos and videos
  • feedback form
  • content management system
  • share places and activities
  • search bar to find people, places and activities email notifications of user activities