World of Shape

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World of Shape

The mission of the World of Shape project was to help people get better results from their workout and learn to live a healthier life

It is an online training company that has a unique concept (FUSTRA method) users can exercise at home or at the gym. They receive a customized diet and exercise plan, recipes and coaching from personal trainers. Since its inception in 2011, they have helped 37,123 people in Sweden lose 132 tons of fat and 3.2 km off their waists!
Now, in order for customers to learn what this service can do for them, we created a professional online presence. We had the task to display tons of information in an easy to absorb way by considering usability and emphasizing the most important points. And, of course, we adapted the website for all sorts of devices, which is a must nowadays.

Key features and functionality:

  • Social networks integration
  • Adaptive design
  • Online consultation
  • 30+ hours were spent for the homepage