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We designed an iOs app to create amazing time lapse videos.  HyperLapsy shoots polished time lapse videos that were previously impossible without expensive equipment.

It's really easy to use, and has a beautiful interface. Just push the record button to record a video and then speed it up using the customizable frame rate.
When you shoot a time lapse video with HyperLapsy, your footage will be instantly stabilized and given a cinematic feeling. Capture an entire sunrise in 10 seconds—even from the back of a moving motorcycle. Walk through the crowds at an all-day music festival,  then distill it into a 30 second spot. 
With HyperLapsy, you can time lapse those experiences, distilling them into easily consumable, enjoyable experiences. Some classic subjects of time lapse photography include: cloudscapes and celestial motion, plants growing and flowers opening, the evolution of a construction project and people in the city. Using HyperLapsy app you can see things that are not obvious at real time speeds - for example stars or shadows moving.

Key features and functionality:

  • Instant gratification
  • Import existing video
  • Multiple speeds
  • Selfie lapses
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram