Squad Ucation

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Squad Ucation

Squaducation is a company committed to injecting energy into the presentation of English history to young people. Squaducation works with the education and media industries to offer engaging school workshops, guided castle tours and more. They produce short historical films («60 second histories») for TV and schools.

To implement their vision we've built an online web service that consists of two main parts: Squaducation and Live Experience.

Squaducation serves as a unique video-portal for short videos devoted to history. It allows viewers to watch short and exciting films about different periods of English history. It also allows teachers to create virtual classrooms, fill them with virtual video resources and invite students to watch them.

Live Experience provides users with access to a sophisticated Calendar, which works in conjunction with Virtual Classrooms. The events calendar shows the dates that are already booked and lists the events booked for these dates. It allows users to request certain events on the dates that are still available. The calendar lets users navigate to previous months or book events in the following months.

Key features and functionality:

  • Three classes of users
  • Two types of subscription
  • Events booking form
  • Tracking functionality
  • Google Analytics
  • Virtual Classroom